As a staff member of ACU you have the opportunity and support to make a contribution to community that is feasible and meaningful to you, and that meets community needs in a way that is valuable and respectful. 

At ACU, we value community engagement as a key means of advancing our mission in serving the common good and enhancing the dignity and wellbeing of people and communities. It is integral to our teaching, learning and research. As part of this mission, we’re committed to ensuring that all ACU students and staff have the opportunity to make a contribution to their community that is feasible and meaningful to them, and that meets community needs in a way that is valuable and respectful.

To support staff in achieving this mission we developed the Community Engagement Time Release Policy which allows staff to apply for up to five days each year to participate in approved community engagement activities. We strongly encourage staff to access this policy and connect with their community to share their knowledge, expertise and skill.

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Find your community engagement opportunity

ACU Engagement works with our community partners to identify their needs and provide a range of community engagement opportunities for staff to get involved with. Browse our listing to find one that’s right for you or your team – whether it’s tutoring, packing food or serving meals.

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Community engagement time release

As an ACU staff member, you can apply for up to five days each year to participate in approved community engagement activities that contribute to the common good, address social justice issues in the community, and help those experiencing disadvantage or marginalisation.

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“We are lucky to work for an organisation that values contributions to our local and broader communities.” 
Daniel Van den Hoek
Lecturer in Clinical Exercise Physiology in the School of Behavioural and Health Sciences, Brisbane

Contribute to community as a team

Working together to contribute to the common good, address social justice issues in the community, and help those experiencing disadvantage or marginalisation can be a great team-building exercise.

The Office of the General Counsel and Governance Directorate teams came together to participate in a community engagement opportunity that saw them partner with The Big Issue to undertake The Big Issue Challenge.

The day saw them breaking into teams and travelling to the Sydney CBD to support The Big Issue vendors. The objective: to sell as many copies of the magazine as possible. 

Armed with their creative sales strategies and bright, eye-catching marketing materials, the experience took the teams out of their comfort zones, but also gave them a unique chance to undertake an empathy-building exercise. Staff were put in the shoes of someone experiencing significant disadvantage seeing first-hand how passers-by treat them. 

"Perhaps the most confronting element of The Big Issue Challenge was dealing with being ignored on the street. Many people walked straight past us, avoided eye contact or tried hard not to engage.” said Dr Diane Barker, General Counsel and Director of Governance.

Community engagement - The Big Issue

The Office of the Vice-Chancellor and President (OVCP) travelled into Sydney’s western suburbs to participate in a community engagement opportunity at Foodbank NSW and ACT. Foodbank operate with a staff of approximately 100 employees and over 3,000 volunteers. In NSW, they distribute approximately 200,000kg of food each week and rely solely on volunteers to do this.

Together with other volunteers, the OVCP team packaged an enormous 1,347kg of oranges, 2,415kg of apples, 750kg of mandarins and 2,436kg of potatoes that were made immediately available to Foodbank’s network of community based non-profit partner organisations that serve individuals and families in need.

Sheyana La Brooy, Senior Communications and Administration Officer in the OVCP, said this about her experience on the day:

“It was rewarding to think that the food we packed could be reaching hungry mouths within the week! What was most impressive was to see that Foodbank is a well-managed, innovative and efficiently-run organisation meeting a real and immediate need in the community. The smallest of details have been addressed to ensure nothing goes to waste. This experience also provided a valuable opportunity to work with colleagues and interact with like-minded individuals from other institutions. Whilst our work was but a small part of the operations of Foodbank, it is a collection of such small parts working together that makes the whole operation run successfully. Many hands make light work and it is clear that this coming together of individuals is key to the success of Foodbank in feeding the hungry.”

The team enjoyed the opportunity so much that they have since returned for a second engagement day and are continuing to strengthen their ongoing relationship with Foodbank.

staff community engagement 2 staff community engagement 1

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