Complete an individual written assignment applying the 5 principles of community engagement at ACU to a community organisation of your choosing that works with people who are experiencing disadvantage or marginalisation. Some of these groups may include but are not limited to people from refugee and migrant backgrounds, people experiencing homelessness, people with a disability, elderly citizens, etc*.

*Note: It is important to recognise that experiencing disadvantage or marginalisation doesn’t define a human being, and that any individual brings with them strengths, capacities, and a multi-faceted human experience.

The task will be completed via the following steps

  1. Identify a community organisation and provide a brief description of: - how community members involved with this organisation are experiencing disadvantage or marginalisation - how the work of the organisation affirms the dignity of others - If you completed a community engagement placement with this organisation, what you anticipate you would do. Hint: Review the organisation’s volunteer program if they have one
  2. Using the 5 principles of community engagement, describe how you would build connections, act with humility, develop understanding, and through these actions affirm human dignity and pursue social justice*.

*Note: In discussing these principles, this should NOT just be a repetition of the stated principles. Rather, practical examples should be given as to how you believe you would enact these principles.

Download project outline (PDF 28kb)


15 hours

Word count

1500-2000 words


The ACU Community Engagement Principles should be referenced in addition to where you sourced the information on the community organisation. You may also consider referencing the Principles of Catholic Social Thought and material that speaks to developing empathic understandings and working with others from diverse backgrounds. You may use the referencing system defined by your unit of study you are completing this alternative task for.

A competent completion of this task will…

  • Clearly describe the organisation and how they work with community members
  • Clearly articulate the work you anticipate you would complete with the organisation
  • Show an in-depth understanding of the community engagement principles, and provide practical examples of how you would enact these, and how your work would affirm dignity and pursue social justice
  • Provide a conclusion that summarises your key points


Permission to complete this opportunity as a substitute or supplement for a community engagement placement must be granted by your lecturer in charge. 

Please speak with your lecturer in charge to ensure this task meets the requirements of your studies.


What you need to know

What is community engagement? Why do we do it and how do you get started? ACU Engagement answer your frequently asked questions and help you get the most out of your community engagement experience.


Policy and procedure

ACU's policies and procedures aim to keep both you and the communities you interact with legally, physically and ethically safe. It is a requirement of all community engagement placements that you read these policies prior to commencement.

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Before you begin

Before you undertake your community engagement experience there are often a number of pre-requisites that need to be completed. Make sure you are ready to go with our handy checklist.

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