Catholic Healthcare is a leading not-for-profit provider of Residential Aged Care, Community services, Retirement Living and Healthcare in NSW and QLD. Catholic Healthcare’s Mission is promoting life by providing aged, health and community services, inspired by the Catholic tradition.

The role

Catholic Healthcare has a range of volunteering opportunities, providing social support to clients either in day-care centres or in a residential facility.

Day care centres have structured programs including art, craft, music, and exercises, lunch, morning and afternoon tea for clients. Students would participate in daily activities, and if appropriate may have opportunities to design and provide input to activities such as art or craft.

Aged care facilities also provide similar structured programs for residents run by the Recreation Activity Offices (RAO). Other activities include spending one-on-one time with a resident, playing board games, playing musical instrument (if you have the talent), reading with residents, or taking them for a walk.

The below are the details of the facilities that can support students. Catholic Healthcare have other facilities in the Illawarra region and Wentworth Falls. If you are interested in these areas please indicate this in your email.


A current National Police Check is required before commencing your placement.

At the end of your placement, you will be required to complete a survey about your experience. The survey will provide Catholic Healthcare and ACU with valuable information on how to improve the placement experience for future students.

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When and where

Catholic Healthcare Day Care Centres

Waterloo Day Care 

  • 1-2 students on Tuesday and Thursday 10-2.30
  • 1 student welcome on Mon and Wed to accompany clients on outings

Catholic Healthcare Residential Aged Care Facilities

Name Location Beds Students

Gertrude Abbott Aged Care

Sister Anne Court


Surry Hills

10-15 mins walk from Central station


100 Beds

68 Beds


10+ Students Weekdays and weekends

Can have more than 1 student per day


Lewisham Hostel


Lewisham Nursing Home



Next to station

Limited street parking


40 beds

56 beds


2 students in hostel

6 in nursing home

NameNameNameNameNameNameNameName Holy Spirit Revesby LocationLocationLocationLocationLocationLocationLocationLocation


Street Parking

BedsBedsBedsBedsBedsBedsBedsBeds 50 beds StudentsStudentsStudentsStudentsStudentsStudentsStudentsStudents 2-4 students
NameNameNameNameNameNameNameName Bethlehem House LocationLocationLocationLocationLocationLocationLocationLocation


Walking distance from station, limited street parking

BedsBedsBedsBedsBedsBedsBedsBeds 29 beds StudentsStudentsStudentsStudentsStudentsStudentsStudentsStudents 2-4 students
NameNameNameNameNameNameNameName St Bedes Home LocationLocationLocationLocationLocationLocationLocationLocation

Sth Hurstville

Street parking

BedsBedsBedsBedsBedsBedsBedsBeds 44 Beds StudentsStudentsStudentsStudentsStudentsStudentsStudentsStudents 2-4 students
NameNameNameNameNameNameNameName St James Villa LocationLocationLocationLocationLocationLocationLocationLocation


Street parking

BedsBedsBedsBedsBedsBedsBedsBeds 40 beds StudentsStudentsStudentsStudentsStudentsStudentsStudentsStudents 2-4 students
NameNameNameNameNameNameNameName Percy Miles LocationLocationLocationLocationLocationLocationLocationLocation


Street parking

BedsBedsBedsBedsBedsBedsBedsBeds 40 beds StudentsStudentsStudentsStudentsStudentsStudentsStudentsStudents 2-4 students
NameNameNameNameNameNameNameName Emmaus Village LocationLocationLocationLocationLocationLocationLocationLocation

Kemps Creek

On-site parking

BedsBedsBedsBedsBedsBedsBedsBeds 64 beds StudentsStudentsStudentsStudentsStudentsStudentsStudentsStudents 3-5 students
NameNameNameNameNameNameNameName St Peter's LocationLocationLocationLocationLocationLocationLocationLocation

Lane Cove

Street parking

BedsBedsBedsBedsBedsBedsBedsBeds 93 beds StudentsStudentsStudentsStudentsStudentsStudentsStudentsStudents

4-5 students

Can have more than 1 per day

NameNameNameNameNameNameNameName St Paul's LocationLocationLocationLocationLocationLocationLocationLocation


Street parking

BedsBedsBedsBedsBedsBedsBedsBeds 40 beds StudentsStudentsStudentsStudentsStudentsStudentsStudentsStudents 1-2 students
NameNameNameNameNameNameNameName St Josephs LocationLocationLocationLocationLocationLocationLocationLocation

Hunters Hill

Street parking

BedsBedsBedsBedsBedsBedsBedsBeds 52 beds StudentsStudentsStudentsStudentsStudentsStudentsStudentsStudents4-5 students
NameNameNameNameNameNameNameNameSt Anne’s LocationLocationLocationLocationLocationLocationLocationLocation

Hunters Hill (next to St Joseph’s)

BedsBedsBedsBedsBedsBedsBedsBeds 50 beds StudentsStudentsStudentsStudentsStudentsStudentsStudentsStudents2-3 students (provides higher care than St Josephs)
NameNameNameNameNameNameNameName George Mockler House LocationLocationLocationLocationLocationLocationLocationLocation

Mona Vale

Street parking

BedsBedsBedsBedsBedsBedsBedsBeds 28 beds StudentsStudentsStudentsStudentsStudentsStudentsStudentsStudents 2-3 students
NameNameNameNameNameNameNameName Our lady of Loreto Gardens LocationLocationLocationLocationLocationLocationLocationLocation

Hamlyn Terrace (Central Coast)

Street parking

BedsBedsBedsBedsBedsBedsBedsBeds 60 beds StudentsStudentsStudentsStudentsStudentsStudentsStudentsStudents 3-5 students

Applications are currently closed

Before applying for this opportunity please ensure:

In the 'Message' section of your application please note:

  • three preferences for the facilities or day care centres you are interested in, in order of preference.

By applying to ACU Engagement for this opportunity, you acknowledge that your ACU email address and the information you provide in your application will be shared with the organisation that offers this opportunity. The organisation will keep your personal information confidential. 

What you need to know

What is community engagement? Why do we do it and how do you get started? ACU Engagement answer your frequently asked questions and help you get the most out of your community engagement experience.


Policy and procedure

ACU's policies and procedures aim to keep both you and the communities you interact with legally, physically and ethically safe. It is a requirement of all community engagement placements that you read these policies prior to commencement.

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Before you begin

Before you undertake your community engagement experience there are often a number of pre-requisites that need to be completed. Make sure you are ready to go with our handy checklist.

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