Accountabilities for executing the strategic priorities listed in the ACU Strategic Plan are listed in the matrix below. Many of these accountabilities are shared, with a lead Senior Executive identified in the matrix. These accountabilities have been extracted from the 2020 Portfolio Plans as submitted by each portfolio.

# Strategic Priority Senior Executive Accountabilities
(Lead is bolded)
1.1 Ensure all our endeavours are grounded in mission, inspired by our Catholic character and informed by ethics. DVCC, Provost
1.2 Foster an inclusive community that welcomes all people, and engages every individual to the full extent of their human and intellectual potential. DVCC, Provost
1.3 Sustain and deepen staff understanding, engagement and formation with our mission and Catholic character. DVCC
1.4 Deliver a distinctive, enriched and authentically Catholic educational experience. DVCC, Provost
1.5 Engage the pursuit of truth, human dignity and the common good throughout our leadership, scholarship and research, integrating faith and reason. DVCC
1.6 Facilitate a demonstrably positive impact on society through the quality and effectiveness of our community engagement programs. PVCE, DVCC, Provost
1.7 Advance the ACU Reconciliation Action Plan. Provost
1.8 Strengthen our leadership role in creating and sustaining child-safe organisations and the prevention of harm to children, through education, research and industry partnerships. DVCC, Provost
2.1  Design and deliver a diverse portfolio of courses and programs, aligned with student needs and focused on preparing students for a bright future. Provost
2.2 Deliver an engaging, technology-enriched and immersive student experience.
2.3 Enact mercy and create opportunity by increasing participation and outcomes for those from low socio-economic communities. Provost
2.4 Widen participation, outcomes and deeply embed Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspectives into our curriculum. Provost
2.5 Deliver a high quality, student-centric approach that ensures every student has the opportunity and support they need to succeed and graduate at ACU. Provost
2.6 Enable dynamic, rich and comprehensive engagement with university life through learning communities, student leadership and co-curricular programs. Provost
2.7 Strengthen the breadth, depth and impact of our portfolio of offerings through non-award and pathway programs in industry-relevant education. Provost
2.8 Equip all our graduates to be knowledgeable, skilled and ethical, sensitive to injustice and motivated to work toward the common good and dignity of all people. Provost, DVCC
2.9 Enrich learning through community engagement and the Core Curriculum as distinctive elements of an ACU education. DVCC, Provost
3.1 Achieve global recognition as a world-leading research university in our areas of specialisation. DVCR
3.2 Uphold and sustain the highest standards of integrity, ethics and compliance in research and research training DVCR
3.3 Translate research into economic, social, environmental and cultural impacts to advance social progress and effect positive change in our communities. Provost
3.4 Enable research-informed learning and teaching that is innovative, engaging and responsive to the changing demands of society. Provost
3.5 Forge strong and mutually beneficial local, national, international and industry partnerships to develop practical research outcomes that benefit the wider community. DVCC, Provost
3.6 Activate early career and higher degree research to support our talent pipeline and cultivate professional growth, in accord with academic excellence and research quality. DVCC, Provost
4.1 Cultivate a vibrant academic culture throughout the university that embraces collaboration, academic freedom, excellence and innovation. DVCC, Provost
4.2 Enhance academic and research reputation and profile in Australia and in key locations across the world. Provost
4.3 Build, attract and retain academic talent in institutes, faculties and schools, with a consistent focus on quality. DVCC, Provost
4.4 Strengthen the connectedness of academic expertise and talent across institutes, faculties and schools. DVCC, Provost
4.5 Expand and embed value-adding scholarly engagement and activity throughout faculties and schools. DVCC, Provost
4.6 Continuously review, improve and assure quality through effective academic governance. DVCC, Provost
4.7 Develop and mature ACU’s impact on the arts and humanities through curriculum, art collections and community engagement, reflective of our Catholic character. DVCC
5.1 Achieve recognition as Australia’s leading Catholic university, and top six globally. DVCC, Provost
5.2 Strengthen our reputation and profile in Australia, the Asia-Pacific and beyond, through academic excellence, research quality and ethics. DVCC, Provost
5.3 Strengthen industry and community engagement to create tangible results toward significant issues facing society now and into the future, through Catholic partnerships, mission-focused research and executive education. DVCC, Provost
5.4 Establish a successful and ethical alumni advancement and philanthropy program. Provost
5.5 Strengthen our position as a vital feature of the Australian university landscape, and major player to drive ethical and informed public policy.  Provost
5.6 Deepen relationships with Catholic partners and the Catholic Church in Australia and around the world. DVCC, Provost
5.7 Successful establishment and operation of our Blacktown Campus. DVCC, Provost
5.8 Successful implementation of our internationalisation and Rome Campus strategies. DVCC, Provost
6.1 Sustain effective corporate governance and management practice that underpins our highest expectations of accountability. Corporate Services, Provost
6.2 Cultivate a highly capable, people-focused, safe and ethical workforce in support of our mission, focus and strategic priorities. Corporate Services
6.3 Ensure long-term fiscal sustainability and ethical stewardship of financial and non-financial resources. Corporate Services, Provost
6.4 Ensure the development and continual improvement of adaptable, accountable and transparent business and service delivery models. Corporate Services, Provost
6.5 Develop and maintain a seamless and engaging student-centred environment throughout the student lifecycle. Corporate Services
6.6 Implement and monitor an agile, secure and reliable cybersecurity environment. Corporate Services
6.7 Underpin high quality student, academic and professional staff experience through quality information resources, learning spaces and physical infrastructure. Corporate Services
6.8 Take bold and decisive action on environmental, social and economic sustainability, and the eradication of modern slavery. Corporate Services

Annual priorities

The annual priorities are the key projects identified by the Vice-Chancellor and President as the strategic focus for the year. The annual priorities are included in the relevant portfolio plans and are assigned to responsible officers to lead and ensure the successful delivery and completion of these projects.

View the Vice-Chancellor and President’s Focus Areas for 2020

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