Introducing our new strategic plan

Professor Greg CravenOver the past 30 years, ACU has shaped the modern era of Catholic higher education in Australia.

Our collective legacy and pursuit of excellence reflects dedicated effort on multiple fronts. Our advances in research have accomplished remarkable success.

Our university is a community of staff, students and partners dedicated to making a real and positive difference. We are a university of and for people, with a deeply woven dedication to ethics, the dignity of the human person and the common good. Our grounding in Catholic mission and focus areas of opportunity, innovation and ethics support our university to act with mercy, and underscore our strategic priorities.

Recently, we conducted a deep reflective exercise to better understand our strengths, challenges and aspirations. The essence of which is captured in the term ‘impact through empathy’. ‘Impact’ signifies we are a community of people dedicated to making a positive difference in society and to the lives of individuals with whom we interact. ‘Empathy’ reflects our genuine desire to improve society which stems from a fundamental conviction of every human being’s value. Inherent to this expression is a profound reference to our Catholic traditions and beliefs.

Our strategic plan introduces a new set of strategic priorities which offer an attuned reflection of our mission and direction. This new plan continues our longstanding commitment to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander reconciliation. ACU’s new strategic plan is the product of a long and prosperous history, made possible through the tireless efforts of our staff and students. Every day, in every way, we live our Catholic character. We live our mission, we act in truth and love, we deliver the opportunity of a better life through learning and the pursuit of knowledge. I invite you to engage with us as students, partners and employees. I look forward to many prosperous days ahead for our university, for our communities and for you. In all that we can achieve, we are better together.

Professor Greg Craven
Vice-Chancellor and President

Our mission

In truth and love.

Within the Catholic intellectual tradition and acting in truth and love, Australian Catholic University is committed to the pursuit of knowledge, the dignity of the human person and the common good.

Our vision

Hope, faith and reason through opportunity, innovation and ethics.

All our endeavours are grounded in mission. ACU will create future opportunity, foster innovation and embrace ethics with hope, faith and reason. The dignity of the human person and flourishing of society will engender every facet of our impact on learning, research and operations.

Our focus



Our focus is to enrich lives through learning and knowledge.

We create opportunity and stand for those in need. We believe society is enriched through education, and that everyone should be treated with dignity. We aim to inspire and connect people, and act with empathy and courage. We foster a vibrant intellectual life for students and staff, and seek new knowledge which has a tangible impact on real world challenges.


Our focus is to cultivate the imagination and defy expectations.

We animate hope, on the pillars of faith and reason. We are enterprising and bold, we are unique and agile. We stand for reason and for the betterment of society. We invite, explore and embrace new and creative ways to make a difference.


Our focus is to strive toward a better future for humanity.

Our ethical focus gives us a wide and generous view of the common good. We celebrate diversity and welcome different ideas. Our mission, founded in Catholic faith and tradition, makes a rich contribution to ethics and our ethical approach.


Our strategic priorities

Our mission is at the heart of everything we do. It guides our approach to education, research, academic excellence and service. We strive toward building a better world through each of our strategic priorities. We engage the Catholic intellectual tradition to bring a distinct perspective to higher education in Australia and across the world, supported by our focus on opportunity, innovation and ethics.

  1. All our endeavours, grounded in mission.
  2. Distinctive, inclusive, dynamic and student-centred education.
  3. World-leading research, with impact.
  4. Vibrant academic culture, enriched by innovation and discovery.
  5. Deeply engaged, globally renowned.
  6. Service, stewardship and sustainability.

Take a closer look at our strategic plan

Access the full ACU Strategic Plan 2020 – 2023 for details on our:

  • mission
  • vision
  • focus areas
  • strategic priorities
  • principles

Strategic Plan 2020-2023 (PDF, 9MB)

Strategy execution framework

Access the ACU Strategy Execution Framework that supports execution of the ACU Strategic Plan 2020 – 2023 to:

  • achieve our mission, vision and strategic priorities
  • embed our focus on opportunity, innovation and ethics
  • manage our resources and risks effectively.

Contact us

Get in touch with our team at the Office of Planning and Strategic Management if you have any questions.

Dr Omer Yezdani
Director, Planning and Strategic Management
Email Dr Omer Yezdani 
+61 2 9739 2896

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