Community involvement examples

At ACU we value participation in community service.

Voluntary community service activities where you have given a significant amount of time to assist others on a regular basis, over an extended period of time will be highly considered.

  • Social justice, community service activities
  • School leadership and/or service roles
  • Parish or church community support roles
  • Sporting, cultural, performing arts community experience.

Use the following information to help describe your experience/s.

  • Write a concise and factual statement
  • Accurately describe your time commitment for each experience
  • Read the examples below to give yourself the best advantage
  • Don’t include work experience, paid work or compulsory course placements.

In year 10, I completed work experience in a nursing home and I enjoyed the experience so much that I volunteered to return again this year.
I have visited the local nursing home, reading to two aged persons (once/week for 10 weeks), and participated in a concert, playing the piano and singing in a small choir.
(13 hours involvement).

I have provided care and company to the aged community by visiting a nursing home on a weekly basis. I like talking to the elderly people in the nursing home and I have been invited back next year.

I undertook the following as a member of my school Faith in Action Committee.
I led the organisation of an awareness raising week highlighting the plight of refugees in our country. Ran five organising meetings and attended daily lunchtime forums during the awareness week. I also set up a popup shop each morning and was available to talk with students about the relevant issues. My Principal met with me and acknowledged the success of the project.
(15 hours in total)

I have been a member of the Faith in Action committee participating in charitable events such as raising awareness of the plight of refugees to our country. We ran a week of information giving to our school. With this experience, I was able to gain an insight into the struggles some people in our community face and this opened up and enhanced my desire to help others.

I took part in my schools immersion trip to Vietnam in March 2015. After applying and being chosen to participate in July 2014, my team of eight students was required to raise $3000 in funds to be used on our project of building a new classroom. We attended seven preparatory meetings prior to departure. The week in Vietnam included eight hour days of physical work and classroom support for the students in the village. Since returning I have continued to fund raise for this community and I maintain communication with the teachers in the school which we supported.
(At least 60 hours)

I went to Vietnam for a week in March this year. My team raised funds and worked every day for 5 days building a school. I would like to continue to perform community service when I leave school and that is why I want to enroll at ACU.

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