Assessment and offer process

How your application is assessed

Your community involvement will be assessed on:

  • Nature of experience – how were you involved, were you in a leadership role, were you part of a group, did you act independently?
  • Frequency – how many hours/days a week/month/year were you involved?
  • Duration of experience – over what period of time were you involved, ensure you include a start date and end date
  • Verification – a referee from the community organisation you have nominated will be required to verify your statement of community involvement. Please note the importance of providing accurate email contact details of your referee prior to submitting your EAP Application as inaccurate details may result in your application not being processed on time.

All applications are assessed against the same criteria, on the nature and duration of your experience. Some highly competitive courses offer a limited number of EAP places.

If your EAP application is successful

If your EAP application is successful you will be advised late August via your personal email address, as provided on your EAP application. This means you will be guaranteed an offer in the course identified on your EAP application through QTAC, UAC or VTAC, provided you meet the following requirements:

  • The ACU course identified on your EAP application is the highest eligible preference on your TAC application at the time of the offer round.
  • You have satisfied prerequisite requirements for the course.
  • You achieve a minimum ATAR/OP of 70/12 for Law, Law dual degrees and Physiotherapy*; 65/14 for Occupational Therapy, Paramedicine and Speech Pathology or 58.50/17 for all other ACU degrees.
  • Any bonus points added to your ATAR/OP/Rank or Aggregate (for Victorian school leaver applicants only) will be included when considering the minimum entry score requirement.

Minimum ATAR/OP Requirement

Degree ATAR OP
  • Law and dual Law degrees
70.00 12
  • Physiotherapy*
70.00 12
  • Occupational Therapy
65.00 14
  • Paramedicine
65.00 14
  • Speech Pathology
65.00 14
ALL OTHER degrees 58.50 17

* Subject to change

If your EAP application is not successful

If your EAP application is unsuccessful, you will be advised late August via your personal email address, as provided on your EAP application. It is important to note that you may still be eligible to receive an offer of a place in the course you nominated on your EAP application, if you leave it as a preference on your QTAC, UAC or VTAC application. To receive an offer you will need to achieve the required entry score (ATAR/OP or equivalent rank) and satisfy any prerequisite requirements for the nominated course


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