ACU Special Admissions Program*

ACU knows that sometimes young people can change their minds or be affected by circumstances out of their control.

This program allows school principals to recommend students who they believe are capable of completing the specified tertiary degree, despite not receiving an ATAR or a limited ATAR, as a result of extenuating circumstances or changing packages mid-course. Our objective is to create options for these students who have the capacity to undertake university study to pursue their chosen degrees.

Who can apply?

  • Students who are currently undertaking Year 12.
  • Students who completed Year 12 in Australia in 2015 and have not yet commenced university study.
  • Students who want to undertake undergraduate study at ACU’s Canberra Campus.

Note for principals

In choosing the student(s) for this program it is suggested that the principal consult with the student’s teachers, the Year 11 and 12 coordinators and the careers advisor, and interview potential students. The student(s) nominated will need to agree to be part of the program.

Particular consideration should be given to the following aspects of the students’ school life:

  • potential to pursue a university degree
  • cooperation and support as a class member
  • any possible educational disadvantage experienced by the student.

Principals will be required to sign the application form stating that based on their knowledge of the student’s circumstances and abilities, they believe the student is capable of tertiary study.

How to apply

Applications are currently closed.

For enquiries, please contact Emma Young, Marketing Coordinator (Canberra)
Phone: 02 6209 1295
Mobile: 0437 731 622

Support for students

ACU is committed to providing ongoing support for successful applicants and will take an active interest in ensuring these students achieve to the best of their ability during their time at ACU. In applying for this program, successful students are committing to:

  • undertake a free, three-day intensive ACU Smart academic skills program, which will be held at ACU Canberra prior to the commencement of the university year
  • regular contact during their first year with an Academic Skills Advisor
  • if required, will have access to ongoing academic skills support, free counselling services, career guidance and pastoral support throughout their time at ACU.

For enquiries, please contact Emma Young, Marketing Coordinator (Canberra)
Phone: 02 6209 1295
Mobile: 0437 731 622

* Commencing in 2015 the ACU Special Admissions Program replaced the Campus Dean’s Partnership and Bright Futures Programs.

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