Non-school leaver entry

Not everyone who studies at ACU comes straight from school. You may have:

  • had a gap year
  • completed Year 12 a long time ago
  • completed TAFE or other VET studies
  • started or completed studies at another university
  • been working since you left school
  • got a trade qualification.

There are students of all ages at ACU. In fact, about half of our new students each year are non-school leavers.

Standard entry

Entry to all ACU undergraduate courses is based on two criteria:

  1. satisfying entry requirements, like subject prerequisites
  2. having an entry score high enough to gain admission to the course.

There are various ways to meet entry criteria:

  • If you completed Year 12 your results remain valid indefinitely.
  • TAFE and other tertiary study results can also be used to gain entry to undergraduate courses at ACU. Learn more.
  • If you haven't completed Year 12, VET or tertiary studies and you are aged 21 years or older, you can complete a Special Tertiary Admissions Test (STAT) and use the results to gain admission to ACU. Learn more.

Pathway entry

By completing a certificate, diploma or advanced diploma in a field similar to the course you wish to study at ACU, you may be able to gain entry and/or apply for credit towards your ACU degree.

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To apply

Each state has a relevant Tertiary Admission Centre (TAC) that manages tertiary applications. To apply for entry to an ACU undergraduate course simply visit your relevant TAC and apply online.

  • VTAC – Victorian Tertiary Admission Centre
  • UAC – Universities Admission Centre (NSW and ACT)
  • QTAC – Queensland Tertiary Admission Centre

You can search our courses to submit a direct application. Please note, if you have already applied through VTAC, do not submit a direct application. You can change your preferences to add new courses, or rearrange your course preferences anytime via VTAC.

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