Non-school leaver entry

Not everyone who studies at ACU comes straight from school. You may have:

  • had a gap year
  • completed Year 12 a long time ago
  • completed TAFE or other VET studies
  • started or completed studies at another university
  • been working since you left school
  • got a trade qualification.

There are students of all ages at ACU. In fact, about half of our new students each year are non-school leavers – so you won't be alone.

To apply

Each state has a relevant Tertiary Admission Centre (TAC) that manages tertiary applications. To apply for entry to an ACU undergraduate course simply visit your relevant TAC and apply online.

  • VTAC - Victorian Tertiary Admission Centre
  • UAC - Universities Admission Centre (NSW and ACT)
  • QTAC - Queensland Tertiary Admission Centre

As VTAC applications will close on 2 December, ACU will be accepting direct applications for courses usually offered through VTAC.

Please search the Courses website to submit a direct application. Please note, if you have already applied through VTAC, do not submit a direct application; you can now change your preferences to add new courses or rearrange your course preferences anytime via VTAC.

Standard entry

Entry to all ACU undergraduate courses is based on two criteria:

  1. satisfying entry requirements, like subject prerequisites
  2. having an entry score high enough to gain admission to the course.

There are various ways to meet entry criteria.

If you completed Year 12 your results remain valid indefinitely. TAFE and other tertiary study results can also be used to gain entry to undergraduate courses at ACU.

Mature-age entry

If you haven't completed any school, VET or tertiary studies and you are aged 21 years or older, you can complete a Special Tertiary Admissions Test (STAT). If your results are good enough, you can use them to gain admission to ACU.

The STAT is a two-hour multiple choice test (50% verbal and 50% quantitative). All the information you need to answer the questions is included in the test, so you don't have to study for it.

ACU accepts students on the basis of STAT results alone if the course prerequisite is only English. Low STAT results are ignored, so sitting the STAT can only be an advantage to your application.

In Queensland, STAT results can also be used in combination with any competency-based results to increase your entry score.

Pathway entry

There are many pathways to study at ACU. Even if your first application wasn't successful, a pathway program can act as a stepping-stone into your desired degree.

Think a pathway program will slow you down? If you choose a smart pathway and gain credit for your studies, you can complete your degree in the same amount of time.

ACU offers a range of pathway programs including non-award certificates and diplomas.

Also, ACUcom offers VET programs across Melbourne, Ballarat and Brisbane. You can study these as stand-alone courses or as a pathway into an undergraduate degree.