University life

Life as a uni student is vastly different to life in high school.

A university year is divided into two semesters. Semester 1, starting in February, and Semester 2, starting in July.

Students get a long summer holiday – great for a part-time job, a work placement or even some travel – as well as mid-semester and mid-year breaks.

Depending on the course, students may be able to squeeze all of their subjects into three days per week – but they will still be busy. They need to read, research, review and ensure their assignments are completed on time. Studying at university is very different from school. It requires an independent approach to learning and self-discipline. As well as lectures, students must also attend tutorials, work placements, and complete assignments and assigned reading.

As a general rule, students should expect to work 12 – 16 hours a week for each subject.

Students must understand that, usually, no one will check up on them if they miss a lecture/tutorial or fail to hand in an assignment. They are responsible for their own attendance. They also need to be well organised, keeping track of lecture/tutorial locations and assignment dates, and know where to source information.

However there are excellent student services and support available. The ACU Student Centre, course administrators, tutors, lecturers and course advisors can be consulted during specified office hours. The Services & Support page provides quality support services, programs, and learning opportunities to enable each student to reach their full potential.


Travel to one of ACU’s campuses. We offer personalised campus tours offering you the opportunity to come on-campus and check out our facilities and discuss your future study options. To arrange a campus tour that is convenient for you please visit the campus tours booking page.