Student services and support

Discover the range of support services available to help our students adjust to university life.

At university, support is offered to help students adjust to uni life. At ACU, the Office of Student Success works closely with students to meet their personal and academic needs. They offer a range of support services and activities on every campus (services may vary for each campus).


Some campuses have on, or near campus residences or other housing options available.

Accommodation options


All ACU campuses are convenient for public transport, with easy access to buses, trams or trains. There is also parking available at some locations and our Strathfield and Brisbane campuses offer a free shuttle service to and from the train station.

Online support

Every ACU student has an email account and access to the online learning system. This allows students to submit assignments, receive marks, look up lecture notes and view academic progress.


Our libraries are an important learning space for students, and a place to meet friends, work on group projects, and finish assignments. ACU libraries have extensive print and online collections, and offer a range of services.

ACU Library website

Free counselling

Free and confidential counselling is available to students with personal, study or work-related issues. Experienced staff provide a safe professional environment for students to discuss any areas of concern.

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Academic skills support

ACU conducts workshops to provide support for writing skills, time management, exam preparation, oral presentations and much more.

Bringing your campus to life

Campus Life supports the development of the ACU community through the facilitation of a rich, enjoyable, diverse and caring campus culture. Students, staff and the wider community are invited to engage in a vibrant and dynamic campus life through activities such as orientation, mentoring programs and clubs and societies.

Student Enrichment Unit

Disability support

The University is committed to ensuring that every student’s ACU experience is free from discrimination and harassment. A range of services, support and advice is available through the Equity and Disability Unit to help students overcome barriers that could hinder their university education.

Equity and Disability Unit

Find your next job

Through the Career Development Service, students can explore their career options, develop employable skills and prepare to transition into the workforce.

Employers and Community

Religious services

With a long history of commitment to truth in a spirit of freedom and service, ACU is open to students of all beliefs. Whether students are interested in a specific ministry or event or would just like to talk to someone, there is Campus Ministry available on each campus. Students have the opportunity to take part in World Youth Day, explore the link between faith and reason, and attend talks by international speakers.

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