How can I help?

It’s common for young people to be uncertain about what they want to do after high school. As parents, you can help them decide by talking through various employment, education, and training options. You can also help them develop the skills they need to make decisions and achieve their goals.

Below are some suggestions that may help your child achieve their full potential.

Help them to identify:

  • their own interests, attributes and abilities
  • their hopes and plans for the future
  • the type of work or study they would like to pursue.

Explore the:

  • range of job and study pathways available after school
  • career or options that might suit their interests, attributes and abilities
  • alternative pathways to their chosen field
  • entry requirements for their chosen pathway.

Work with them to:

  • set long-term goals for their chosen career/study pathway
  • break down long-term goals into small, achievable steps
  • keep their options open
  • attend university open days to find out more about courses, careers and university life
  • choose actions today that can help them progress towards their goals (eg selecting appropriate school subjects).

Encourage them to:

  • work consistently at school
  • persevere, even when things may seem tough
  • believe in their own ability to succeed
  • not give up and stay focused on their dream.