Access schemes

Early Achievers' Program

ACU recognises the potential of students who demonstrate leadership in their schools or workplaces, volunteer, or provide care for someone in need.

Access ACU

Students may be eligible for up to ten extra entry points through this scheme.

Passion For Business

ACU’s new Passion For Business (P4B) program is not just about ATAR – it’s about providing a unique opportunity for students with a passion for business.

Passion For Law and Commerce

Passion for Law and Commerce is a guaranteed early entry program designed to nurture your learning passion and give you a step up in your future law and commerce career.

Elite Athlete and Performer Program

This program caters to students who are also pursuing sporting and performing goals during their formal academic education.

Schools Recommendation Scheme

The Schools Recommendation Scheme (SRS) offers early entry to domestic school leavers currently completing an Australian year 12 or International Baccalaureate qualification in Australia.

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