Payment of Scholarships and Bursaries

ACU scholarship and bursary payments normally occur within four to six weeks of the semester census date.

Commonwealth Scholarships, ACU National Equity Bursaries, and ongoing ACU scholarships and bursaries are normally paid within four to six weeks of the semester census date, subject to the outcome of eligibility checks as per individual scholarship rules.  It is important to be aware of your ongoing eligibility requirements and to contact the Scholarships Office with supporting documentation if you are experiencing exceptional circumstances that may impact on your ongoing eligibility to receive your scholarship.

Ensure you get paid on time

  • Check your ACU Student Email account regularly to ensure you receive important updates relating to your scholarship payment.
  • Make sure you supply the correct banking information to the Scholarships Office when requested.  Incorrect details will delay your payment.
  • Respond to requests for information from the Scholarships Office by the indicated deadline.
  • Wherever possible, attach or include the email history that relates to your specific scholarships enquiry.
  • Supply a letter of appreciation and any other ongoing eligibility requirements by the specified due date.

Taxation/Income Implications

Some scholarship payments may be classed as income and have an impact on your tax liability or your eligibility for government support through Centrelink.  It is your responsibility, as a scholarship recipient, to ascertain any such impacts.

The Australian Taxation Office provides an online tool to determine whether or not your scholarship is taxable.