St Cecilia Choir Scholarship

Established in 2014, the ACU Student Choirs have been created to give students opportunities in performing and developing their musical skills and experience, with a strong focus on liturgical and sacred music.

The St Cecilia Scholarship has been created to recognise the commitment required by ACU students to participate in ACU National Student Choir and their ACU Campus Student Choir.

The ACU Student Choir is funded through the Student Amenities and Services Fees (SSAF).


60 scholarships valued at $2,500 each are available, paid in four instalments:

  • $500 upon signing of the ACU Choir agreement;
  • $750 paid at the successful completion of Semester 1;
  • $500 at the commencement of Semester 2;
  • $750 paid at the successful completion of Semester 2.

Applicants who undertake only one semester in the Student Choir will receive 50% of scholarship payments for the year (i.e. $1200).


This scholarship is open to currently enrolled ACU students who have successfully auditioned for membership with their ACU Campus Student Choir.

ACU students who are employed by the University  in an ongoing capacity are not eligible for the scholarship.

How to Apply

Contact your campus Choir Director to arrange an audition time.

Selection Process

Auditions will be held at the commencement of each semester. Following auditions, the campus Choir Director will submit recommendations to the ACU National Choir Committee, and be approved by the Deputy Vice Chancellor, (Students, Learning and Teaching).

Ongoing Requirements

Recipients are required to maintain the following:

  • Attendance of at least 90% of rehearsals (except due to extenuating circumstances);
  • Ongoing home study and practice;
  • Participation in 90% of ACU Student Choir performances and activities (except due to extenuating circumstances), as required, including an annual Masterclass retreat.

Apply online now
Applications close on 27 February 2017