Philip Malouf Perpetual Scholarship

Established in 1995 by public appeal in memory of the late Philip Malouf who was a prominent and highly respected lawyer and businessman who passed away in 1993.  The fund was initiated by his son Craig.  The Philip Malouf Perpetual Scholarship Fund has been established to enable students to enrich their studies by a travel grant for the purpose of overseas professional experience.

One scholarship valued at $2,500 is available each year, paid in one lump sum.

This scholarship is open to applicants who meet all of the following criteria:

  • Australian citizens and permanent residents
  • Undergraduate students
  • In second, third or fourth year of their course
  • Planning to complete a professional experience unit (not for the purpose of credit).

Required Documentation
The following documents must be submitted with the application:

  • Academic transcript
  • A written statement of two pages outlining:
    • details of the proposed overseas professional experience including timeframes, location, activities to be undertaken and supporting documentation where relevant;
    • anticipated benefits of the Scholarship in helping the applicant achieve his/her professional or academic goals; and
    • a budget estimate outlining airfares and accommodation expenses.
  • Written reference (academic) which addresses the above criteria
  • Written reference (personal)

Selection Criteria
Applications are assessed based on the strength of the following criteria:

  • Academic merit
  • Written statement
  • Budget
  • Written references

Selection Process
The recipients will be selected by the Scholarships Office.

Ongoing Requirements
Recipients are requested to submit a 200 word report, which may include photographs, explaining how the funds have assisted them in pursuing their studies.  The report should be submitted to the Scholarships Office within two months of their return.

Recipients are requested to submit a letter of appreciation for the donor explaining how the Scholarship has assisted them.  The letter should be submitted to the Scholarships Office no later than 1 October of each year.

The professional experience will not be for purposes of study for credit towards the applicant's course but may include:
- volunteer activities relevant to the planned professional career;
- attendance at professional conferences;
- other appropriate professional experience.

The duration of the professional experience will typically be a minimum period of a week to one month.  The professional experience must be completed within one year of receipt of the Scholarship.