ACU National Student Association - Student Travel and Training Scholarship (STTS)

In 2014, the Australian Catholic University National Student Association established the Student Travel and Training Scholarship (STTS) in conjunction with the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Students, Learning and Teaching) to assist students with the associated costs of attending conferences, humanitarian activities, undertaking practicums or other further student training that supports the studies of ACU students.

ACUNSA STTS is funded by the Student Services and Amenities Fee.


Sixty scholarships valued at $500 are available each year, paid in one lump sum.

There are two application rounds each year, with thirty scholarships available in each round.


This scholarship is open to applicants who meet all of the following criteria:

  • Undergraduate or postgraduate coursework students;
  • Undertaking a conference, humanitarian activity, practicum, or other student training. The activity must be undertaken within 6 months before or after the application closing date.

Selection Criteria

Applications are assessed on the strength of the following criteria:

  • Written statement
  • Budget

Selection Process

The recipients will be selected by a selection committee consisting of at least five representative ACUNSA members or nominees including any of the following: ACUNSA President, the Campus Student Association Presidents, and the International Student representative.


Members of ACUNSA or any Student Association Management Committee must withdraw from the selection committee to apply.

Students are only eligible to receive the Scholarship once during their studies at ACU.