What can I study?

Most university courses are either classed as undergraduate or postgraduate degrees.

Undergraduate degrees are usually your first uni degree, whereas postgraduate degrees are typically completed after you have achieved an undergraduate degree, or you have acquired significant work experience in a related field.


Bachelor degrees, also known as an undergraduate qualification, are designed to give you the knowledge, skills and experience to prepare you for your future career.

Course structure

A bachelor degree usually takes three to four years of full-time (or equivalent part-time) study to complete.  During your degree you’ll attend lectures and tutorials for each unit (subject), and a full-time student would typically study four units per semester (six months).

You’ll study units that relate to your major, minor, core curriculum and electives:

  • Major
    A specialisation in your bachelor degree, which comprises about eight units (subjects). You will be able to tailor your major, and can usually complete more than one in a degree.
  • Minor
    A minor is a sub-specialisation in your bachelor degree – usually four subjects.
  • Core units
    Your course has core units which are compulsory. These units provide the foundation of your study at ACU.
  • Elective
    Electives are subjects you can select that are not a mandatory inclusion in your course.
  • Prerequisite requirements
    A prerequisite is a requirement that must be met before enrolment in particular units. Prerequisites are designed to make sure that you will have the knowledge and skills needed for success as you move through your studies.

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Postgraduate degrees can involve either research or coursework programs.

Coursework degrees

Coursework degrees are structured similarly to undergraduate degrees and involve going to lectures and tutorials. Some students may also be able to undertake a small research project. There are three levels of postgraduate coursework study:

  • Graduate certificate – usually 4 units
  • Graduate diploma – usually 8 units
  • Masters – 12 or 16 units.

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Research degrees

Research degrees allow you to focus on a field of your choice. Research students usually do not attend lectures or tutorials – instead, they conduct independent research activities and are supervised by a senior academic.

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