Step 6 - Set up your ACU student email account

Important information relating to your enrolment, fees, results etc, or information from your lecturers, is frequently sent via your ACU student email address. Therefore it is a condition of your enrolment at ACU that you check this email account at least once a week.

For easy reference when setting up your student email account, print this page

Before accessing your email account, you need to set up your ACU Network Login:

  1. Go to

  2. Click ‘Enrol into SSRPM’ and complete steps below:
    • Username is your Student ID Number.
    • Password is your Date of Birth (DDMMYYYY).
    • Select 'Student' from the drop down box.
    • Click ‘Continue’.
    • Choose three security questions from the options given and create answers.
    • Click ‘Enrol’.
    • Click ‘Home’.

  3. To reset password, click ‘Reset Password’ and complete steps below:
    • Enter your Student ID Number and select ‘Student’ from the drop down menu.
    • Click ‘Continue’.
    • Answer your security questions.
    • Enter new password, which must be eight digits. (Ensure you choose a ‘secure’ password - a mixture of numerals and letters is best. Symbols such as &#% will not be accepted.)
    • Click ‘Reset Password’.

Once you have reset the password for your Network Login, it will be synchronised with all your ACU accounts, including email, Student Connect, Tutorial Direct and Blackboard.

When your ACU Network Login is set up, you can access your email:

  1. Go to (If you have another account that uses Microsoft Outlook, eg Hotmail, you will need to select ‘Log in with a different account’, otherwise continue to point 2.)
  2. Enter your username in the 'Windows Live ID' box, this is your Student ID Number followed by "" (eg
  3. Enter your password (the new password you just created as above).
  4. You will be directed to Microsoft Outlook security questions and setup options. Follow the prompts through until you successfully access your emails.

If you have followed the instructions on this page and still cannot access your emails, contact the Student Centre.