Step 5 - Enrol via Student Connect

For easy reference when enrolling print this page and ensure you have a copy of your Course Enrolment Guide.


  1. Select the 'My Enrolment' tab in Student Connect.

  2. Select 'Enrolment Manager'.

  3. Select 'Unit Search'.

  4. Select the relevant 'Term' (eg Summer Term A, Summer Term B, Semester 1 or Autumn Term) from the drop down list and click 'Submit'.

  5. Select your current course from the Study Path drop down list and click 'Submit'.

  6. a) Select the relevant Unit Code from the available options and enter the corresponding Unit Number (as advised in your Course Enrolment Guide) eg Unit Code=BIOL and Unit Number=117.
    b) Select your campus.
    c) Click 'Unit Search'.
    d) Tick the box in front of the unit with the relevant Location and Mode to select that unit.
    e) Click 'Register' to add that unit to your enrolment.

  7. To add additional units to your enrolment in the same semester/term:
    a) click 'Unit Search' and repeat point 6
    b) when you have finalised your unit registration for that semester/term, click 'Return to Menu'.

  8. To add units to your enrolment for a different semester/term for 2013, repeat from point 4.

  9. To check that you are enrolled correctly:
    a) click the 'My Enrolment' tab
    b) click 'Confirmation of Enrolment'
    c) select the semester you wish to view from the drop down menu.

  10. a) If you are happy with your enrolment, click 'Exit' (top right corner).
    b) If you have made an error in your enrolment, go to Varying Your Enrolment for instructions on how to change your enrolment.