Step 3 - Access Enrolment Information

Access your Course Enrolment Guide

Your Course Enrolment Guide is the key tool that will assist you to enrol correctly for the first time and each subsequent year of your course.

It is vital that you read and understand your Course Enrolment Guide before you enrol into units.

Your Course Enrolment Guide provides you with:

If you have any difficulty understanding the information in your Course Enrolment Guide, or need further clarification – particularly in relation to unit selection, contact your Course Advisor/Coordinator prior to enrolling.

For easy reference when enrolling access and print your Course Enrolment Guide.

Attend a Course Advice Session

Course Advice Sessions are designed to provide you with useful information about your course, such as unit selection and course requirements.

Not all courses run Course Advice Sessions. To find out if you are required to attend a Course Advice Session, click on your campus below.

Note: If multiple Course Advice Sessions are being held for your course, you only need to attend one session.