Step 1 - Accept, decline or defer your offer

Web Enrolment Guide Step 1

Accept your ACU offer

To accept your offer, you must enrol within the timeframe advised on your ACU offer notice otherwise your offer will lapse.

Accept your VTAC, UAC or DIRECT admission offer

Accept your QTAC offer

International student offer

Note: If you applied to ACU via QTAC, UAC or VTAC, and received more than one offer, your most recent offer will be considered to be your preferred option. If you would rather accept an earlier offer, you must advise the Admissions Section immediately via the Preferred Course form.

Decline your ACU offer

To decline your offer, DO NOT enrol. If you have not enrolled within the timeframe prescribed in your ACU offer notice, you are deemed to have declined your offer and ACU will automatically cancel the offer.

If you applied through QTAC, you must also decline your offer via the QTAC offer response website.

For students offered Individual Units of Study or Cross Institutional Units:

If your ACU offer notice advised that you have already been enrolled in units, you must contact to decline your offer.

Defer commencement of your ACU course

If you received an offer to an undergraduate course, you can defer commencing your course for up to two years.

If you wish to defer commencing your course, DO NOT enrol and follow the instructions below.

VTAC, UAC and DIRECT admission offer

QTAC offer

International student offer

Deferment is not available for:

Visit Rule 12 of the Admission Rules for further information about the regulations that govern deferment at ACU.