Deferring your Course

Deferring your course – new undergraduate students

Read Rule 4.15 'Deferment of Undergraduate Offer' in the Admission to Coursework Programs Policy for further information.

Applying for deferment

If you're a new undergraduate student and you haven't enrolled in any units you can defer beginning your course for a maximum of twelve months. You should elect to defer your undergraduate place at the time of responding to your offer. Deferment is not available to Honours and Postgraduate students.

To defer your offer please submit the DEF: Application to Defer (Online) form before the end of Week 2 of Semester.

If you are an international student, you must apply to defer via the International Admissions Office and provide the following information:

  • Full name
  • Date of Birth
  • The reference number on your offer letter
  • Reason for deferring
  • The new date you would like to commence your studies.

In some circumstances (such as for highly competitive courses) deferral may not be possible. Our International Admissions team will advise you if this applies to you and what options you may have to undertake study in the future.

Starting your course after deferring

Complete the Commencement of Studies Following Deferment (CD) form when you are ready to begin your studies. Your offer will expire if you don't begin your studies within one year of deferring.

The CD form MUST be lodged by:

  • 30 November if you want to begin study in Semester 1 next year, or
  • 31 May if you want to begin study in Semester 2 of this year.

Note: Some courses do not offer a Semester 2 intake. Information about course availability for Semester 2 is published in early April. If you want to start studying in Semester 2, you should check for course availability before submitting this form.

Taking a break – existing students

If you have received final results for at least one semester in your course, you may take a break (interrupt) your studies by submitting an Application for Interruption of Study on Student Connect.

Please consult with your Course Coordinator before taking a break from your studies.

  • If you are already enrolled in units for the study period/s in which you want to take a break you will need to withdraw yourself from those units via Student Connect.
  • If you choose to interrupt your studies, you must still complete your degree within the specified timeframe. To find the maximum time limit for a given program, refer to the applicable Academic Regulations in the ACU Handbooks for the year you began your degree.

Visit Academic Regulation 5.7 for further information.

Research and international students:

  • If you are an International student wishing to interrupt your studies or make any changes to your enrolment, you should contact the International Education Office.
  • Research students wishing to interrupt studies should contact the Research Office.

Returning from interruption of studies

  • If you take a study break for more than a year (two or more standard study periods) your course might require changes in order for you to complete it. Consult with your Course Coordinator regarding the requirements for completion of the program. Visit Academic Regulation 5.7.2 for further information.
  • If you take a study break for more than two years (four or more standard study periods) you might need to complete additional units or assessments to make sure that your knowledge in the field is up to date. Consult with your Course Coordinator to discuss the requirements for completion of your program. Visit Academic Regulation for further information.

Withdrawing from your course

If you no longer wish to study your course you can choose to withdraw from ACU. This removes all your current and future enrolment, and removes your access to Student Connect and your ACU email address.

Submit an Application for Withdrawal from Course (WC) to be completely removed from your course at ACU.

If a WC form is submitted after the census date you may be subject to academic and/or financial penalties. You might also be liable for the Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF) if you withdraw from your course after the census date.

In special circumstances you can apply for a refund of any fees you may have incurred prior to withdrawing.

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