How to apply for a transfer

Whether you are a domestic or international student, you can apply to transfer to a different course and/or campus. To request a transfer, you must submit an application via the My Enrolment tab in Student Connect. Check the application dates to make sure you get your transfer in on time.

To avoid a late re-enrolment fee, make sure you still enrol in your current course and campus by the re-enrolment date. This will also ensure that you remain in your original course and campus if your request is unsuccessful.

If you need to cancel your transfer request, you can do so through Student Connect. You'll need to email Admissions if you want to cancel after your request has been processed.

Be aware that if you want to transfer from a double degree to a single degree, you will need to submit a Application to Transfer from a Double Degree to a Single Degree online form.

If you have applied to graduate from your current course this Semester you should submit a new application for admission instead of a transfer request.

Course transfer - eligibility and selection

There are differences in the eligibility and selection process for transfers depending on whether you are an undergraduate or postgraduate student.

You can check the entry requirements of your preferred course before applying to transfer.

For undergraduate courses:

  • You must achieve an entry score equivalent to that of the cut-off rank required for the previous year.
  • If you have completed at least two units (20 credit points), an entry score will be calculated on the number of units completed and your current grade point average (GPA).
  • Some highly competitive courses require that you have a high GPA for at least one year of full-time study (ie 80 credit points) to achieve the required entry score.
  • Your entry score from high school or other previous studies will also be considered
  • Some courses also require the completion of pre-requisites.

For postgraduate courses:

  • You can only transfer to other postgraduate courses with a common discipline (eg transfer between a Postgraduate Certificate in Education and the Master of Education).
  • A change of course to another discipline requires a new application for admission (eg Master of Education to Master of Religious Education).
  • Your application to transfer will be considered against the entry requirements of your requested course.

Processing and notification

All notifications are sent via your ACU student email. It is important that you check this regularly if you have applied for a transfer.

If you submit a transfer application before results have been released for the current study period, you will receive notification within two weeks of the results release date.

If you submit an application after the release of results, you will be notified of the outcome as soon as possible.

Read Rule 4.16 ‘Transfers’ in the Admission to Coursework Programs Policy.