Entry based on tertiary study or alternate entry qualification

To be a successful tertiary student, it is not necessary for you to have completed Year 12 or have any formal academic qualifications.

ACU welcomes mature age students, and there are a number of alternative qualifications – such as life skills, work experience or study through TAFE – that can help you gain entry.

If you have not completed Year 12 studies, you will be assessed on evidence of equivalent knowledge, skills, experience and/or qualifications, such as completing an ACU pathways program (associate degree or non-award certificate), TAFE course or Special Tertiary Admissions Test (STAT).

Entry based on tertiary study

Admission to undergraduate programs is competitive based on an entry score allocated on the basis of your qualifications presented in your TAC application. In addition, you must satisfy any prerequisites or additional requirements specified for the program/s you apply for.

ACU has a minimum eligibility score that is acceptable for consideration for admission to any undergraduate course by any student, irrespective of origin.

  • The minimum eligibility score for a bachelor degree course is ATAR 58.50 or the equivalent Queensland OP/rank.
  • The minimum eligibility score for associate degree, advanced certificate, or certificate programs is ATAR 49.50 or the equivalent Queensland OP/rank.

It is important to note that attainment of the minimum eligibility score is calculated using any bonus points allocated through the relevant Tertiary Admissions Centre for reasons of disadvantage only.