Debbie Pardon (Brisbane)

ACU Graduate Women Queensland Scholarship

Currently studying a Bachelor of Education (Primary) (Indigenous Studies) through the ACU’s Away from Base Program Debbie Pardon is the recipient of the ACU Graduate Women Qld Scholarship 2015.

Living in Townsville but born in Cloncurry, she is a proud Mittakoodi/ Gudjal / Tagalaka woman.  Coming from a large family, a low socio-economic background and being a single mother Debbie mentioned that she aims to do well, set goals and be part of the community.  She also wanted to be a role model for her son as well as for other Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.  “I think of the many other people who have gone before me and try to do the best every day” Debbie said.

Our family was poor but dad and mum always looked at ways to improve our lifestyle.  We didn’t have many books at home however getting educated was always important.

With the incredibly supportive staff from Weemala, Debbie enrolled into the ACU Associate degree in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Primary Education course in 2010.  She is now in her final year of her Bachelor of Education degree.  It has been hard work as she has also had to struggle with study and work commitments, sometimes having had to undertake leave without pay to complete studies.

So this scholarship is invaluable.

Thanking family, friends, lecturers, academic advisers, library staff, her employer and colleagues Debbie was grateful for the opportunity to learn.  But she was especially thankful to the people, families, trusts and organisations that give generously to support others in their education.