University of Bradford, United Kingdom


Bradford, UK

The University of Bradford is a relatively new university – beginning as Bradford Technical College in 1882 and granted a Royal Charter to become the University of Bradford in 1966 – the 40th university to be created in Britain. They were the first British university to offer a Peace Studies degree and are also renowned for their business and management, and engineering courses.

Semester dates

  • ACU Semester 1: late January to late May
  • ACU Semester 2: late September to mid January


ACU exchange students can take subjects from the following five faculties:bradford town

  • Management and Law
  • Engineering and Informatics
  • Social Sciences
  • Life Sciences
  • Health Studies

A full-time student load is 60 Bradford credits per semester. Most Bradford units are worth 10 or 20 Bradford Credits (BC) so students will be enrolling in 3-6 units while on exchange. 50-60 BCs will meet the equivalent full-time ACU semester load (40cps).

Past students have taken the following units:

Bradford University unitsEquivalent units at ACU
SP-5012DUnderstanding Violence20 BC  10cps
SP-6006DPeace, Conflict and Development20 BC  10cps
SP-5013DDiplomacy and Statecraft20 BC  10cps
SY-5006DSocial Psychology20 BCPSYC313Social Psychology10cps
SY-6002DForensic Psychology20 BCPSYC212 Abnormal Psychology10cps
SY-6003D Psychological Health and Treatment Interventions20 BCASOB010 Approved International Unit (general arts elective)10cps
SP-4003DPoverty, Development and Globalisation20 BCPOLS309World Politics and Justice10cps
SP-4007D Conflict, War and Political Violence20 BCPOLS100The Nature of Democracy10cps
SP-5024D The Temporalisation of the World and Changing Conceptions of Time20 BCPHIL206 Metaphysics10cps
*Please note that this list is to be used as a guide only. It is not exhaustive and some units will not be offered in every semester. The list of credit equivalencies does not guarantee approval for similar units in future intakes. Study plans will be formally assessed and approved by your Course Coordinator during the application process.