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Madrid, Spain

Universidad Pontificia Comillas is a private Catholic University with around 11,000 students that was founded in 1904 by the Society of Jesus. Comillas has a rich humanist tradition and their degree programs are based on academic rigor individual student support.

The university's location allows students to explore the vibrant city of Madrid and its parks, plazas, museums and theatres.

Semester dates

  • ACU Semester 1: early January to late June
  • ACU Semester 2: late August to late Dec


ACU Exchange students can take subjects from the Faculty of Humanities and Social Science (available in English and Spanish) and need to enrol in 25-30ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) to meet the equivalent full-time ACU semester load (40cps). This can mean taking 5-8 subjects.

Past students have taken the following units:

Universidad Pontifica Comillas unitsEquivalent units at ACU
Current International Issues from a Spanish Perspective5 ECTS
These units are usually matched up to

Arts elective units (10cps each):

ASOA010, ASOA011, ASOA012, ASOA013
ASOB010, ASOB011, ASOB012, ASOB013

Or are used to meet Global Studies

requirements for GLST300 (40cps)
International Political Economy3.8 ECTS
Political System and Politics in Spain5 ECTS
Regional Studies (Politics and Society in the Middle East)3 ECTS
Spanish for Foreign Exchange Students5 ECTS
Classical Spanish Art5 ECTS
Comparative Cultural Studies5 ECTS
Problem of God5 ECTS
Modern Spanish Art5 ECTS
* Students who take 20ECTS or more will be eligible to apply to Comillas for a “Diploma in International Relations from a Spanish Perspective”
* Please note that this list is to be used as a guide only. It is not exhaustive and some units will not be offered in every semester. The list of credit equivalencies does not guarantee approval for similar units in future intakes. Study plans will be formally assessed and approved by your Course Coordinator during the application process.

Short term program information

Spanish Language and Culture Course (End of May - Mid June)