The University of North Carolina in Greensboro, USA

Greensboro, North Carolina

UNC Greensboro was originally founded as a women’s education college in 1891. Today UNCG is part of the University of North Carolina System, but with around 20,000 students, is a university in its own right. UNCG prides itself on its challenging academic programs, supportive environment and engaged community.

Greensboro is about halfway between Atlanta and Washington DC. The Blue Ridge Mountains are just a 2-hour drive to the west; the Atlantic Ocean is 3.5 hours to the east.

Semester dates

  • ACU Semester 1: mid January to early May
  • ACU Semester 2: mid August to mid December


ACU students can take subjects from the disciplines of:

  • Arts and Sciences
  • Business and Economics
  • Education
  • Health and Human Sciences
  • Music, Theatre and Dance

A full-time student load is 12-15 credit hours which is equivalent to a full-time ACU semester load (40cps).

Past Students have taken the following units:

UNCG unitsEquivalent units at ACU
KIN441 Found Skills in Sports Medicine3 creditsEXSC394 Health and Disease10cps
KIN468 Exercise Testing/ Prescription I4 creditsEXSC204 Exercise Testing/Prescription10cps
KIN388 Psychology of Physical Activity4 creditsEXSC296 Health and Exercise Psychology10cps
TED370 Science Education in the Elementary School3 creditsEDST201 Science and Technology Education I10cps
MUE361 Music for the Classroom Teacher3 creditsEDMY416 Music Education10cps
KIN386 Motor Development and Learning4 creditsEXSC230 Motor Control and Learning10cps
KIN353 Illness and Injuries in Physical Activity3 creditsEXSC394 Exercise, Health and Disease10cps
GEO311 Weather and Climate3 creditsGEOG300 Natural Hazzards10cps
GEO301 Urban Geography: Global Pattern3 creditsGEOG305 Urban Geography10cps
MGT314 Industrial and Organisational Psychology3 creditsHRMG305 Contemporary Issues in HRM10cps
SOC101 Introduction to Sociology3 creditsSOCS100Introduction to Sociology10cps
ENG108 Topics in British/American Literature3 creditsENGL328 Studies in Australian Literature10cps
ENG322 The Teaching of Writing3 creditsENGL331 Aspects of Literary Theory10cps
HIS218 The World in the 20th Century3 creditsHIST308 Historiography10cps
HIS308 Navigating World History3 creditsHIST331 Human Rights in History10cps
ART276 Meeting of Art and Entrepreneurship3 creditsARTS325 Professional Practice10cps
ART442 Image Sequencing3 creditsMEDA202 2D Computer Animation10cps
PSYC341 Abnormal Psychology3 creditsPSYC212 Abnormal Psychology10cps
NTR213 Introductory Nutrition3 creditsEXSC347 Nutrition and Exercise10cps
* Please note that this list is to be used as a guide only. It is not exhaustive and some units will not be offered in every semester. The list of credit equivalencies does not guarantee approval for similar units in future intakes. Study plans will be formally assessed and approved by your Course Coordinator during the application process.

Student Testimonial

I absolutely loved my time (at UNCG)... and learnt so much about myself and living with others in a world unlike any I was used to. During and after my Study Abroad experience, I travelled a LOT throughout the United States and Mexico. I was very blessed to get to those dream locations: New York, Las Vegas, Miami etc. However, one of my favourite places in the entire country was Greensboro. It felt like home, and it certainly was for 4 months of my life. If you are thinking of travelling to UNCG for your Study Abroad experience... You should do it!

- Lauren,
ACU-UNCG Exchange
Semester 2, 2013