Santa Clara University, USA

Santa Clara, California

Opened in 1851, Santa Clara is a private, not for profit university with around 9,000 students. Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, Santa Clara University blends high-tech innovation with a social consciousness grounded in the Jesuit educational tradition and is committed to leaving the world a better place. SCU pursues new technology, encourages creativity, engages with local communities, and shares an entrepreneurial mindset. SCU's goal is to help shape the next generation of leaders and global thinkers with educational programs ranging from psychology to sustainable-energy engineering and from theatre arts to business analytics.

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Semester dates

  • ACU Semester 1: early April to mid June
  • ACU Semester 2: mid September to early December


ACU students can take subjects from the College of Arts and Sciences, School of Engineering and the School of Business.

A full-time student load is 12-19 credit hours which is equivalent to a full-time ACU semester load (40cps).

Past ACU students have taken the following units:

COMM132BShort Documentary Production5 creditsMED208 Screen Production10cps
ECON1 Principles of Microeconomics4 creditsECON200Principles of Business Economics10cps
ECON181International Trade5 creditsECON209 The Global Economy10cps
FNCE121 Financial Management5 creditsBAFN200 Principles of Finance10cps
MATH 8Introduction to Statistics4 creditsSTAT102 Business Data Analysis10cps
MGMT6 Business Ethics4 creditsBUSN202 Professional Ethics10cps
MGMT160 Management of Organisations5 creditsHRMG204 Organisational Behaviour10cps
MGMT162 Strategic Analysis – the Business Capstone5 creditsMGMT304 Strategic Management10cps
MGMT179 Project Management5 creditsMKTG313 Strategic Marketing10cps
MKTG165Customer Centric Retailing5 creditsMKTG302 Retail Marketing10cps
MKTG182 Marketing Analysis5 creditsMKTG200 Marketing Research10cps
MKTG186 Integrated Marketing Communication5 creditsMKTG202 Marketing Communication10cps
PHIL80 Science, Technology and Society4 creditsPHIL202 Political and Social Philosophy10cps
PSYC162 Cross-Cultural Psychology5 creditsPSYC207 Cross-Cultural Psychology10cps
PSYC185 Developmental Psychology5 creditsPSYC200 Lifespan Development10cps
SOCI30 Self, Community and Society4 creditsSOCS239 Sociology of Gender and Sexuality10cps
* Please note that this list is to be used as a guide only. It is not exhaustive and some units will not be offered in every semester. The list of credit equivalencies does not guarantee approval for similar units in future intakes. Study plans will be formally assessed and approved by your Course Coordinator during the application process.