​Pre-departure requirements

Pre-departure workshop

You are required to attend a pre-departure workshop, where we will guide you through the important aspects of your study overseas.

Attendance is compulsory, and the details of the sessions will be provided to you shortly after you have been accepted into your program.


If you are on a full semester exchange you will remain enrolled full-time at ACU, and will continue to accumulate a HECS-HELP debt, (or pay tuition fees to ACU).

You will also be required to be enrolled full-time at your host institution. The units (both overseas and at ACU) must be approved by your Course Coordinator via the CE Form. The CE Form is included in the ACU Exchange Application Form.


  • It is your responsibility to ensure that your exchange semester enrolment is completed prior to departure and that any fees payable in your absence will be paid by the due date.
  • If there is a change in your overseas enrolment (either before you depart, or while you are overseas), you will need to submit a new CE form (with your Course Coordinator's re-approval) to ACU International.

Receiving your overseas transcripts

Upon successful completion of a full semester exchange, you will receive "Credit Granted – CG" once ACU receives your official transcripts from your host university.

You will be granted credit for the units listed on your CE Form and transcript so it is imperative that all units listed are correct on both your approved CE form and overseas university transcript.


Most of our partner universities offer on-campus accommodation to exchange students. Information on the available accommodation will be included in the acceptance package from the host university.


As an ACU outbound student you will be covered by the university's official insurance provider, AIG Australia (via Catholic Church Insurance) for the duration of your studies overseas, plus seven days on either side of the program.

The policy offers protection for overseas medical expenses, personal luggage, loss of deposits and additional expenses. Some exclusions apply.

Your host university may require you purchase additional insurance - some countries and universities will only accept the insurance plans that they specify. You should confirm with your host university about any additional insurance requirements.

Detailed information about insurance will be provided to you at the Pre-departure workshop.

International SOS

International SOS is a travel emergency service offered to all outbound ACU students. Membership details, along with details of coverage will be provided to you at the Pre-departure Workshop.