Get creative

Whether you’re into performing arts, photography, choir, public speaking, reading, language or music – we’ve got you covered.

Student choirs

If you love singing, audition for an ACU Student Choir! It’s a great way to make new friends, and you’ll get to perform at graduation ceremonies and formal university functions.

Guitar lessons

We offer you affordable on-campus guitar lessons during semester. Take some timeout between your classes to meet other students and learn a new skill.

Foreign language classes

Bonjour! Ever wished you spoke French, Spanish or Italian? Well, we run affordable language classes on campus.

ACU Wired radio

Fancy being a radio host? We have our very own national radio station – ACU Wired. The station is a joint venture between staff and students and it delivers entertainment, inspiration and education to all ACU campuses.

Creative and performing arts

Do you have thirst for drama, a way with the written word or a talent for creative artistic expression? Our performing and creative arts events are for you.


Develop your leadership skills in a supportive and friendly environment. Regardless of what you’re studying, Toastmasters is a great way to meet your fellow students and enhance your graduate attributes.

National Debating Competition

Team-up with other campuses via video link, hear from leading debating coaches, make your case and have some fun – all within a supportive environment on campus.

National Oratory Competition

The National Oratory Competition gives you the opportunity to hone your persuasive public speaking skills and compete against orators from other campuses. Share your view on a topical issue in front of a captive audience.

National Photography Competition

In the age of selfies, a good photo is hard to come by. Use your photographer's eye to capture an image to enter in our National Photography Competition.