Open Day volunteers

Open Day volunteers

Help to showcase your university to new students!

Open Day events take an enormous effort to organise and simply cannot be delivered without the help of a large team of student and staff volunteers. We have a number of volunteer roles available at each Open Day. Register to participate and help to make Open Day a huge success.

For those students who have been asked to volunteer for their faculty, please ensure you select this when you register so your details can be given to your faculty representative. Non-faculty student and staff volunteers will be coordinated by the Marketing and External Relations team.

Please note volunteers are required to be available to help for the whole of Open Day.

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Open Day dates for 2017

Sun 27 Aug

Sat 22 Jul

Sat 26 Aug

Sun 13 Aug

Sat 2 Sep

Sat 9 Sep

Frequently Asked Questions

Below we've answered some questions about volunteering for Open Day.

Why Volunteer?

  • Volunteering is free and fun (we even provide a uniform and feed you at the event).
  • The satisfaction of helping prospective students learn more about study at ACU.
  • Meet some new friends.
  • Learn new skills.
  • Be active in the university community.
  • Put ACU Open Day volunteering for your CV.

Types of volunteers

People with all sorts of skills are required, however, you don't need to have any special qualifications or skills for most volunteer roles. We look for people who are friendly, positive, self-motivated and who show initiative.

How does it work?

  • The ACU marketing team will be in contact with you in the lead-up to Open Day to give you the information you need.
  • You will attend a briefing session the morning of Open Day to make sure you are ready for the day.
  • Event operation/logistics volunteers report to the ACU marketing team at Open Day and are allocated a role when they attend the volunteer briefing session.
  • Faculty volunteers report directly to faculty staff at Open Day.
  • Start and finish times vary, but volunteers are required to be available to help for the whole of Open Day.
  • You are covered by our insurance.

What do you get?

  • A great experience.
  • An ACU uniform.
  • A meal, water and snacks.
  • $20 gift voucher for you, or to donate to the ACU scholarship fund. (decide on the day)
  • A certificate to recognise contribution to Open Day.

I've registered - what happens next?

In the weeks prior to Open Day an ACU staff member will contact you and discuss your application. There will be a volunteer briefing prior to Open Day where you will receive more instruction.

What kind of jobs could I be doing as an Open Day volunteer?

Count Crew

Brush up on your speed counting to keep track of how many people go where and when.

Key duties:

  • Counting visitors as they arrive on campus (using clickers).
  • Counting the number of bags/programs distributed.
  • Conducting a head-count at each presentation/faculty display or activity.


Must have a head for numbers.


  • Entrance points to campus.
  • Lecture theatres and labs/classrooms.

Event Operations Ninjas

Be the first to see the event take shape or the last to bid it farewell as part of the set-up, running and pack-up team.

Key duties:

  • Erecting and dismantling signage.
  • Moving furniture and equipment. Changing room configurations.
  • Managing waste – cardboard disposal.
  • Responding to any operational issues.
  • Oversee the Health and Safety of all onsite.


Must be physically capable, energetic, cheerful and willing to get the job done.


All areas.

Meet & Greet Team

Start flexing your cheek muscles now as it’s your smiling face that will welcome our visitors! You’ll know the who’s who and what’s where of Open Day to direct people across the campus.

Key duties:

  • Welcoming visitors to event.
  • Supplying ACU bag to prospective students.
  • Encouraging visitors to register via iPad 'Register Your Interest' app.
  • Answering questions and directing visitors.
  • Conducting face-to-face surveys (when visitors are leaving).
  • May be required to help set-up a venue.


Suits people with a love of people, a huge smiley disposition and an ability to think on their feet and keep the queues to a minimum.


  • ‘Start Here’ tents – positioned at main entrance/s to each campus.
  • Information Expo Entrance – positioned at entrance to Information Expo to help direct visitors.
  • Additional entry/exit points – positioned at smaller campus entrances/exits to guide visitors to ‘Start Here’ tents.

Fun Brigade

Start your day with a caffeine hit to prepare for coordinating the entertainment, activities and games. Our visitors’ fun is in your hands!

Key duties:

  • Managing entertainment stage (performers, AV) and roving performers.
  • Coordinating any games and activities.
  • Liaising with food vendors (where applicable).
  • Managing free BBQ. Assisting with set-up (as required).
  • Blowing up balloons and distributing.
  • Operating popcorn machine/slushie machine/fairy floss machine (as required).


Must be bright and bubbly with a big smile and outgoing personality. A people person who enjoys seeing people have fun.


  • Entertainment Stage
  • Activities Area
  • BBQ

Faculty Force

Eager to tell the world how great your course is? Help out the faculties at the info expo, assist with presentations and help run activities and demonstrations.

Key duties:

  • Manning faculty information stall in Information Expo area.
  • Liaising with prospective students.
  • Leading/being involved in a faculty seminar (presenter) and/or activity or demonstration.


Must have a broad general knowledge of area of study and be a confident presenter and communicator.


  • Information Expo – faculty display.
  • Faculty presentation – various locations.

Reports to:

Each faculty will be responsible for coordinating faculty volunteers for Open Day. Volunteers will report to their respective faculty contact(s).