Viewing the Audit Transcript

For simplicity the Student Audit could be divided into three sections:
  • Student Information at the top;
  • Course Rules Audit through the middle; and
  • Notifications at the bottom of the page.

In the Student Information section, it is important to note the last Audit and Last Refresh dates.

This refers to the last time that the Student Information has been brought in from Banner and the last time the course rules have been applied by Course Progression to that student’s record.

If you click on the Last Refresh button, this will bring in the latest information from Banner.

Click OK

You should receive a message that says – This student’s information has been successfully refreshed.

It is important click on Process New

This will then apply the latest course rules to that student’s record.

We can be sure that we now have the latest information for this student.

In the Degree Audit section, you’ll notice the course name as well as the academic year for this student. That is the academic year that the student has commenced in this course and the course rules that are being applied to that students records.

Course rules are divided into headings and units are listed under each heading.
Units completed will be shown with a green tick in a yellow band. You’ll be able to see the Grade received for that unit as well as the credit points achieved.

For units that are In-Progress, they’ll be shown in a blue band with IP as a grade for In-Progress and credit points shown (in brackets) to indicate that they have not yet been achieved. Units that have not been undertaken or attempted are shown in red.

In the Notification section, various notifications will appear depending of the students records. These may be insufficient for units that have not been successfully completed such as failed or withdrawn units, In-Progress for current units being undertaken either in the current semester or the following semester and Fallthrough units - units which have been undertaken but which do not apply to this course rules.