Searching Records Transcript

In order to find a student record, you can type the Student ID directly into the Student ID field and click Enter.

You can also click on the Find button.

In the Find pop-up screen, you can also call up a student record by typing the ID directly into Student ID field or you can select from a cohort of students by clicking the options under the Degree, Academic Year and Campus fields.

Choose from all three fields to limit the scope, then click Search

Course Progression will retrieve the records. This may take a moment and for large cohorts, you may receive an alert message saying – There are too many records found. Click OK. Course Progression will retrieve the first 500 student records and display them under the Student Search at the bottom of the page.

To view the whole cohort, click OK.

You may select individual records from the search results by clicking on Uncheck All, scrolling through the list and ticking the box next to individual student records.

Click OK

Once the Audit screen comes up you can navigate through the selected records using the arrows above the Name field or using a dropdown arrow beside the Name field.