What is Course Progression used for?

When should I use Course Progression?

Use the Course Progression software Audit when:

  • reviewing progress with a student
  • advising students on enrolling in Units
  • assessing and applying exceptions.

Is Course Progression the same as an academic transcript?

No. This is an unofficial audit of a students' progress, and an outline of requirements still needed to complete the relevant program of study.

If all of the boxes are checked, does that mean the student is approved to graduate?

No, Course Progression is for advisory and planning purposes only. The audit is not an official academic transcript.

It is the students’ responsibility to work with the Course Coordinator to review degree progress and verify the accuracy of the audit.

Students must apply to graduate and an official review of course completion will be undertaken by Graduations.

Can students enrol using Course Progression?

No. Course Progression is a snapshot of academic history and courses in-progress. Enrolments and amendments to enrolments are still handled through Student Connect.

Can students change a major through Course Progression?

No. Students must follow the process outlined in the Enrolments Section web site for information on Change of Major.

Are grades visible in Course Progression?

Yes. Shortly after grades have been entered in Banner and released they will be available in Course Progression. The student record may need to be refreshed in order to see the updated information.

How can I tell how many classes a student has left to fulfil course requirements?

Course Progression is displayed in block format for all course/major requirements information. "In-Progress" (enrolled) units are shown in blue. Unchecked boxes identify requirements that still need to be completed and are shown in red.