How can I get units in "Fallthrough" or "Not Counted" applied to a students' progress?

Units listed as “Fallthrough" or “Not Counted” may be applied to the students’ course progression through Substitutions.

An online request form can be submitted (SUBS – Unit Substitution Approval), which will be processed in Course Progression by the Enrolments Section. If preferred, you can apply the substitution directly into Course Progression.  For information on how to apply substitutions, please refer to the Course Progression User Manual.

I have identified a unit that I wish to apply to a block of credit for all students, how do I go about this?

Firstly, you should confirm whether the change is to be applied only to students from a particular cohort (Academic Year / commencement year), or whether this is to be applied to all future students.

If you decide that the substitution is to apply to a particular cohort only (students from a particular Academic Year), this may be able to be ‘scribed’ (coded) into Course Progression to apply automatically to the given cohort. If it does not fit within the scribing limitations, substitutions may need to be processed for each student.

If the change is to apply to all future students it may require formal Academic Board approval and should be discussed with your Faculty Manager.

Please be aware that all protocols regarding changes to course rules must be adhered to, and changes to course rules cannot be scribed into Course Progression unless approved through the appropriate channels.

Enquiries regarding the application of course rules to scribing may be sent to