What is an Audit?

An audit is a review of past and current unit work that provides information on finished and outstanding requirements necessary to complete a course.

The audit is divided into sections, such as Core Units, Electives, and Major Requirements. Each section is a checklist and Units/sections are checked off as they are completed.

The course rules should be a direct reflection of the Handbook for the students’ Academic Year.

What is “Fallthrough: units undertaken outside the approved degree structure”?

Fallthrough contains all Units enrolled or completed that do not meet any of the requirements of the course rules.

Units can be listed under Fallthrough for various reasons, as follows:-

  • the student has not declared a Major in Student Connect – once a Major is declared, all Units related to that Major will be applied
  • the student has transferred or deferred and their Academic Year is incorrect – this means that Course Progression may be applying course rules from the wrong year.  Check the students’ Academic Year information.
  • if the student has had an interruption to your study, the course rules may have changed
  • unspecified credit, block credit approved but not applied (refer to substitutions).

What is "Not Counted"?

Not Counted refers to all units that have been completed prior to the Academic Year of the current course.  Not Counted may also include credit approved over and above the maximum limit allowable.

Will withdrawn units be reflected on the student audit?

Yes. Withdrawn units will appear under "Insufficient" in the notifications section at the bottom of the audit.

If I think the information on a student audit is incorrect, what should I do?

Firstly, you should ensure that you are viewing the latest course data by refreshing the audit ("Refresh" then "Process New").

If this does not resolve the issue, check that the course rules information in Course Progression is correct against the Handbook for the Academic Year shown.

If any issues are found, or the problem has still not been resolved, please submit a Feedback Form so the issue may be investigated.

Can I save or print an Audit?

Yes. You can 'Save as PDF', then print as usual.

Everything on the audit is checked, but the Credit Points progress bar only shows 97% done. Why?

The degree progress bar will not show 100% completion until all "In Progress" courses are successfully completed.

The student states that they have declared a Major, but it is not showing in Course Progression. What should I do?

All student data is imported from Banner once a week (Sunday). Refresh the data ("Refresh" then "Process New") to ensure the most up-to-date information is being displayed.

If the student has applied a Major in Banner and it is not showing in Course Progression you should direct them to check Student Connect or discuss this with the Student Centre.

How will the system show us if students are not complying with the course rules?

Features of the audit allow you to see how students are progressing towards completing the course requirements.

Any unit enrolled in or completed that is not part of the course rules will not be counted towards progression and will be shown in the notifications section at the bottom of the screen.  These will appear under “Fallthrough: units undertaken outside the approved degree structure” or “Not Counted”.

Does the information in Course Progression replicate the information provided in the Course Enrolment Guide?

No. Course Progression contains only the course rules that have been formally approved through Academic Board and are contained in the Handbook per Academic Year.

Can co-requisites/pre-requisites be added in so that students can go through the correct course progression?

Co-requisites and pre-requisites are not turned on in Banner and therefore do not appear in Course Progression.

In some of our Faculty courses there are several different versions of the course rules that apply depending on the student's year of enrolment. Will these variations in the rules be applied accordingly in Course Progression?

Yes. Course Progression contains blocks of data for every year that a course has been available (post 2010, and from the year of release in Course Progression rollout).

If there are various iterations of the course rules these will be applied based on the students’ Academic Year.