Course Progression

Welcome to Course Progression!

Course Progression is a web-based planning tool that utilizes student data in Banner to provide a structured view of a student audit to track their course and units.

This tool will benefit University administrators and students through:

  • greater visibility into, and an understanding of, the application of course rules,
  • demonstrating that students are meeting requirements of their courses,
  • greater visibility into individual student course progression,
  • reducing instances of unspecified credit in order to demonstrate compliance with TEQSA.

For a list of courses currently available in Course Progression, please email Course Progression.


Staff and students access Course Progression via Student Connect. No additional login is required.

Feedback and queries

Faculty Staff have been heavily involved in testing the Course Progression software. Suggestions for improvements in Course Progression are always welcome.  We implement improvements where possible and continue to investigate the possibilities for further improvements.

Please email any feedback or queries to Course Progression.

For the following issues, we recommend referring your query to the relevant work area:

  • There are units in "Fallthrough" that should apply to the audit,
  • There are units in "Not Counted" that should apply to the audit,
  • Other general queries.

See Common questions and trouble shooting for more information.

Reference material

Technical issues

Please email