Participating Staff

Admission Ticket

Staff participating in the Academic Procession do not do not require an admission ticket.

Arrival Time

Processing staff are asked to arrive at least 40 minutes before the ceremony start time   and to proceed to the academic robing area. The academic procession will assemble approximately 20 minutes before the ceremony commences.

Academic Dress

Processing staff are required to wear academic dress. If you have your own academic dress, please bring it with you, alternatively you may order items for your use on the day.
Ordered academic dress will be placed in the Academic Robing room prior to the ceremony and must be returned and signed into the graduand robing area at the conclusion of the ceremony.
The Graduations Office can only supply academic hoods or stoles for ACU awards. If you require academic dress for an award of another institution you will need to make your own arrangements with that institution. Staff who are considering purchasing their own academic dress, may wish to know that most universities sell new and used academic dress at very reasonable prices (eg. USyd - second hand black Masters gown can be purchased for around $33 depending on the quality of the garment).

Stage seating

The front row will include the official party and senior officers with speaking roles.
The front row will also normally include senior Church personnel, eg Archbishops, Bishops and may include members of Senate if places are available.
The second row will include members of Senate and other senior personnel. Remaining places will normally be occupied by Heads of School followed by other staff (together with any other persons who have an official role – eg the Campus Minister, the Testamur Officer).
Remaining rows will be occupied by other staff.
Seating (other than the front row) will be filled from front to rear.


* A staff member from the local campus will be invited to assemble the academic procession for the respective ceremonies.
* The person assembling the academic procession should advise staff to assemble in approximate order of seniority, viz Heads of School and Professors, Associate Professors, Senior Lecturers, Lecturers.
* The procession will therefore consist of the academic staff (in the order above), followed by the Deans and the official party.

Information for Volunteering Staff

A number of benefits come from having local staff volunteer at the graduation ceremonies. Firstly it is a more personal experience for the students if the staff they have dealt with over the years of attending ACU are present. It is also a great opportunity for staff to share the celebration with the graduates.

Volunteering is an opportunity to work with members of staff who you may not normally work with. It’s also an opportunity for a campus to unite and present an image to the community showing we are an organisation strongly supported by its staff.

Ceremony Times

The Graduations Office will roster staff to one or more of the following duties: assisting with hall and registration area set up, coordinating the academic robing room, checking that graduands are correctly attired, assisting with graduand registration, greeting and hosting guests of graduands and the University, ushering graduands in the hall, packing of in absentia testamurs, distributing/collecting graduate destination surveys, graduand/academic staff robing area set-up and/or pack down. Staff will be provided with a roster and Instructions for the various roles will be provided at a briefing session in the week prior to the ceremony.