Advertising a Student Job

Hiring Managers across ACU are encouraged to advertise roles available for ACU students with Student Jobs on Campus. When employing casual staff, approval still needs to be sought from your area in accordance with Human Resources delegations. For more information, go to

What is the process?

  1. Hiring Manager forwards employment request to Student Jobs on Campus Coordinator
  2. Employment opportunity is advertised on ACU CareerHub
  3. ACU students apply for the role
  4. Student Jobs on Campus Coordinator provides details of the applicants to shortlist and interview
  5. Interviews are conducted in accordance with ACU recruitment policy
  6. Successful student is selected and appointed to the role
  7. Student completes induction modules

Further information

To find out more about hiring a student contact the Student Jobs on Campus Coordinator

Tamara Stacey 
Ph: 02 9739 2641
Availability: Monday - Wednesday