Hire a Student (Student Jobs on Campus)

Student Jobs on Campus (SJC) connects students who are looking for employment opportunities with ACU employers who are looking to hire staff. The program is a collaborative initiative of Student Engagement and Services, Career Development Service and Human Resources.

Our students are one of our greatest assets and SJC offers students an opportunity to gain meaningful work experience, develop graduate attributes, engage with the university community while at the same time as earning an income.

What type of positions can be Student Jobs on Campus roles?

Positions will vary depending on your staffing needs. To date we have had students working as research assistants, library assistants, data entry officers, project management assistants, and administrators. Roles can also vary in length from a few days to a few months. It depends on your needs!

Why use Student Jobs on Campus?

Next time you need to employ somebody for a short-term position, think about employing one of our ACU students. There are many benefits, including:

  • Centralised advertising at no cost to you!
  • No high recruitment agency costs
  • Engage with a strategic partner rather than an recruitment agency who doesn't understand the university and it's values, or you or our students.
  • Remember agencies get paid for placements and are motivated by money. Getting the right fit is not a motivator for them.
  • Contribute to overall ACU strategic objectives - graduate employability, development of graduate attributes and student retention and success!
  • Early identification of talent - today's student employees could be tomorrow's ACU star employees following graduating.
  • Confidential - all information collected from students and staff is treated confidentially.


In 2012 we conducted a survey with staff who have hired students through SJC, below is some of the feedback we received:

'This is a GREAT initiative, one that I hope the University will embrace. Employing our own students fits hand in glove with the mission of the University.'

'We have used students as staff and it is a benefit both to the student and the organisation.'

'This is a positive initiative for the University and attracts and creates career paths for students'

Contact Student Jobs on Campus?

To find out more about hiring a student contact the Student Jobs on Campus Coordinator

Tamara Stacey
Student Jobs on Campus Coordinator
Phone: 02 9739 2641
Email: tamara.stacey@acu.edu.au
Availability: Monday - Wednesday