Negotiation Leadership - Changing the Focus to Value

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7th Feb 2017 – 9th Aug 2017

Negotiation is a vital skill needed to achieve results in a range of business interactions. When you understand how to effectively negotiate, you can plan and achieve better outcomes in every situation. One of the greatest challenges in negotiation is how to achieve desired outcomes while still maintaining sustainable working relationships. This program introduces a proven and practical approach to achieve these two objectives.

ACU's Negotiation Leadership Program will strengthen your negotiation skills by helping you focus on the preparation, the process, the people and the post-negotiation analysis to develop creative solutions, stronger relationships and better deals.

The program is unique for five reasons:

  • Our emphasis on how to shift the focus onto value and maintain effective relationships
  • We utilise the Harvard negotiation best practices model.
  • Facilitator, Stephen Kozicki, is an internationally renowned negotiation expert, author, facilitator and coach
  • Our applied learning model - work on your negotiation case and develop an action plan specific to your needs
  • You complete an online assessment and receive a personal report on your individual negotiation style and how to adapt this style in different situations.

Featuring interactive discussion, facilitated group work, skills based exercises and negotiation simulations, this rigorous and highly practical program guides you through the stages of the negotiation framework. You apply the learning to a real-world negotiation example that you bring to the course, culminating in developing a 30-day action plan.

The Negotiation Leadership Program will provide significant benefits to senior managers, functional managers, department heads and executives responsible for negotiating with key stakeholders. It is suitable for both profit and not-for-profit organisations. The program is ideal for teams from the same company as this will assist in application of skills back in the workplace.


This program seeks to provide participants with:

  • Insights into their personal negotiation style and how to adapt it to increase success
  • A set of practical skills and approaches to improve negotiation effectiveness
  • Post-program follow up to help application back in the workplace.


You will learn how to:

  • Analyse negotiation situations to choose the best approach
  • Identify common mistakes and pitfalls
  • Make sound decisions during the negotiation
  • Apply the negotiation framework to your business, department or organisation
  • Recognise and use key negotiating styles
  • Determine your own preferred style and how to adapt in different situations
  • Develop negotiating skills using interactive models and case studies.


Negotiating requires parties to interact and communicate. However, there can be a dramatic difference between how parties interact and communicate. We can better manage these differences when we understand how people use different negotiating styles.

The Negotiating With Style® profile was researched and created to allow you to understand ‘yourself’ and then others. It illustrates your perception of your negotiation preferences. Using this you can learn to be flexible in your style for each future negotiation.

Deciding which style is fitting for a negotiation will depend on the context of the situation.


28 - 29 March 2017
8 - 9 August 2017

21 - 22 February 2017
25 - 26 July 2017

7 - 8 February 2017
11 - 12 July 2017


Course Fee: $1,865 (GST inclusive)

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