Managers and Supervisors

March 2017

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  • Negotiation Leadership - Changing the Focus to Value

    (Human Resources)

    Brisbane; Melbourne; North Sydney: 7 Feb

    • Brisbane:
      • 28 Mar Face to face;
      • 29 Mar Face to face;
      • 8 Aug Face to face;
      • 9 Aug Face to face;
    • Melbourne:
      • 21 Feb Face to face;
      • 22 Mar Face to face;
      • 25 Jul Face to face;
      • 26 Jul Face to face;
    • North Sydney:
      • 7 Feb Face to face;
      • 8 Feb Face to face;
      • 11 Jul Face to face;
      • 12 Jul Face to face;

    The ability to negotiate in a professional manner is a vital skill we all need to achieve results in a range of business interactions. When you understand how to effectively negotiate you can plan and achieve better outcomes in every situation. ACU's Negotiation Leadership course is a unique 2-day program facilitated by globally renowned industry expert and author Stephen Kozicki.

  • IT Access Supervisor Information Session

    (Information Technology)

    Webinar: 14 Mar

    IT is changing the way new IT user accounts are requested and how IT systems access permissions are changed. Register now for a webinar to learn about the new system.

  • Feedback and Coaching (Pilot)

    (Human Resources)

    Melbourne: 16 Mar

    • Melbourne:

    Providing regular feedback and coaching is well known for improving results in employee performance and engagement. It is a key foundation skill for all managers, yet many people leaders still avoid engaging in regular feedback and coaching conversations.

  • Hiring to Make a Change – Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples Employment

    (Human Resources)

    Video Conference: 30 Mar

    • 1 Apr Face to face;
    • 9 Feb Face to face;
    • 1 Apr Face to face;

    Lunchbox Session: You can make a difference with recruitment practices that support employment equity.