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May 2017

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  • Argos Training

    (Student Systems)

    Webinar: 4 Jan

    The Argos Training is held for first time Argos users; the session will assist staff in the following areas; Initial logon, Navigating the main menu, Types of reports, Running reports, and Printing.

  • Introduction to the New Finance System – Technology One


    Video Conference: 2 Mar

    The Introduction to the New Finance System training is designed to provide an introductory overview of the new Finance system at ACU.

  • Mental Health First Aid

    (Human Resources)

    Brisbane; Melbourne; North Sydney: 4 Apr

    • Brisbane:
      • 27 Apr Face to face;
      • 4 May Face to face;
    • Melbourne:
      • 27 Apr Face to face;
      • 4 Apr Face to face;
    • North Sydney:
      • 26 Apr Face to face;
      • 3 May Face to face;

    This two day workshop is aimed at all staff wanting to develop their knowledge about mental health issues and how to support others in their workplace, community and personal networks.

  • Student Systems Training for Course Coordinators

    (Student Systems)

    Webinar: 4 Jan

    The Course Coordinators training session has been developed from the information listed in the Student Systems Course Coordinator Manual available on the ACU Staff website.

  • Career Planning for Professional Staff – Information Session

    (Human Resources)

    Video Conference: 4 May

    This information session introduces enhanced resources and guidance to support professional staff in career planning.

  • Preparing for a Teaching Award

    (Learning and Teaching Centre)

    Video Conference: 9 May

    This Session will discuss the process, requirements and types of evidence needed for either Faculty or ACU Teaching Award applications. The session will be led by Associate Professor Janne Malfroy, Learning and Teaching Centre.

  • Wellbeing Series: Wellbeing and Mindfulness

    (Human Resources)

    Video Conference: 18 May

    This video conference highlights the multi-faceted nature of wellbeing and focuses on providing knowledge and tools within the following four dimensions of wellbeing: emotional, cognitive, relational and physical.

  • Lunchbox Session: WHS Risk Management

    (Human Resources)

    Video Conference: 23 May

    Register now for upcoming Lunchbox session: Managing WHS Risk at ACU

  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples Perspectives Video Conference

    (Human Resources)

    Video Conference: 30 May

    The next Information Session for the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples Perspectives series will be hosted by Associate Professor Nerida Blair. Register now.