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March 2017

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  • Argos Training

    (Student Systems)

    Webinar: 4 Jan

    The Argos Training is held for first time Argos users; the session will assist staff in the following areas; Initial logon, Navigating the main menu, Types of reports, Running reports, and Printing.

  • Student Systems Training for Course Coordinators

    (Student Systems)

    Webinar: 4 Jan

    The Course Coordinators training session has been developed from the information listed in the Student Systems Course Coordinator Manual available on the ACU Staff website.

  • Communicate with Impact (Pilot)

    (Human Resources)

    Melbourne: 2 Mar

    • Melbourne:

    This one-day program facilitated by the Maura Fay Group explores how to communicate successfully in the many different situations encountered in the workplace; clarifying purpose and creating an environment conducive to sharing ideas and possibility.

  • Introduction to DISC: profiling for Team Communication

    (Human Resources)

    Video Conference: 7 Mar

    The DISC Profile is the most widely used behavioural model in the world. Effective and productive teams need a mixture of different behavioural types, each person being in a position to make a real contribution; given their unique strengths, knowledge, skills and experience.

  • IT Access User Training

    (Information Technology)

    Webinar: 15 Mar

    IT is changing the way new IT user accounts are requested and how IT systems access permissions are changed. Register now for a webinar to learn about the new system.

  • ACU Project Management Model Workshop

    (Human Resources)

    Brisbane; Melbourne; North Sydney; Video Conference: 23 Mar

    • Brisbane:
      • 29 Mar Face to face;
      • 30 Mar Vidoe Conference;
    • Melbourne:
      • 28 Mar Face to face;
    • North Sydney:
      • 23 Mar Face to face;

    ACU Project Management Model and its key components. This session will benefit people who manage projects and are interested in providing input to the revision of the ACU Project Management Model. It is also intended for those who want to quickly gain an understanding of the important principles of project management and how to apply them.