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December 2016

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  • Banner Report Training

    (Human Resources)

    Webinar: 2 Jun

    The Banner Reporting training session has been developed from the reports listed in the Student Systems Banner Common Reports quick reference guide, available on the Student Systems Training SharePoint site.

  • Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Cultural Awareness Workshop

    (Human Resources)

    Ballarat; Brisbane; Canberra; Melbourne; North Sydney; Strathfield: 29 Nov

    • Ballarat:
      • 12 Dec Face to face;
    • Brisbane:
      • 29 Nov Face to face;
    • Canberra:
      • 30 Nov Face to face;
    • Melbourne:
      • 13 Dec Face to face;
    • North Sydney:
      • 5 Dec Face to face;
    • Strathfield:
      • 6 Dec Face to face;

    The Cultural Awareness workshops provide participants with the opportunity to develop a greater understanding of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander ways and perspectives.

  • Work Life Balance Series: Wellbeing and Mindfulness

    (Human Resources)

    Video Conference: 8 Dec

    This presentation highlights the multi-faceted nature of well-being and focuses on providing knowledge and tools within the following four dimensions of well-being: emotional, cognitive, relational and physical.