Academic Staff

March 2017

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  • LEO and Copyright

    (Human Resources)

    Ballarat; Brisbane; Canberra; North Sydney; Strathfield; Video Conference: 8 Feb

    • Ballarat:
      • 22 Feb Face to face;
    • Brisbane:
      • 8 Feb Face to face;
    • Canberra:
      • 23 Feb Face to face;
    • North Sydney:
      • 17 Feb Face to face;
    • Strathfield:
      • 16 Feb Face to face;

    Overview of the responsibilities teachers and academics have when using third party (ie anything not created by University staff) learning materials with students in LEO.

  • Academic Workload Policy Information Sessions

    (Human Resources)

    Video Conference: 9 Mar

    Are you familiar with the components of the Academic Workload Policy and how they may relate to your role as an Academic Staff member? Come along to a Lunchbox session to know more.

  • Grades in LEO - eLearning 101

    (Learning and Teaching Centre)

    Webinar: 16 Mar

    Setting up your Gradebook in LEO. Hiding, showing, weightings, raw marks, letter grades, exporting, importing formative, summative, grades for non-LEO activities...

  • Feedback and Grades in LEO for Non-LEO Assessments

    (Learning and Teaching Centre)

    Webinar: 23 Mar

    Not all assessments involve an electronic submission. Presentations, lab work, posters, fine-arts assignments and videos are examples of the many types of non-LEO assessments that might exist. How do I give my students their marks and feedback online when nothing is being electronically submitted? This session aims to give options for feedback and grades through LEO. This session is relevant for both LEO and non-LEO based assessments.