Academic Staff

May 2017

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  • Adobe Connect Live Classrooms, Preparation and Getting Started

    (Learning and Teaching Centre)

    Webinar: 4 May

    This is the first of two eLearning 101 sessions on using Adobe Connect at ACU. Adobe connect can be used for online live classrooms, lectures, tutorials, meetings and recordings. This session will focus on creating your own online classroom that you can use with your students. Next week we will look at the basics of running your first Live Classroom experience.

  • Preparing for a Teaching Award

    (Learning and Teaching Centre)

    Video Conference: 9 May

    • 4 May Vidoe Conference;

    This Session will discuss the process, requirements and types of evidence needed for either Faculty or ACU Teaching Award applications. The session will be led by Associate Professor Janne Malfroy, Learning and Teaching Centre.

  • Adobe Connect - running your first online live classroom

    (Learning and Teaching Centre)

    Webinar: 11 May

    Planning to run an online classroom in Adobe Connect? How do I set up the online classroom? What functionality is available? How do I display my screen or PowerPoint slides? How do I interact with students and how can they interact with me?

  • Styling content in LEO

    (Learning and Teaching Centre)

    Webinar: 18 May

    Make your LEO content look stylish without being overbearing. Simple techniques, lots of tricks and a little bit of HTML for beginners.

  • Using the new ACU unit outline templates

    (Learning and Teaching Centre)

    Ballarat; Brisbane; Canberra; Melbourne; North Sydney; Strathfield: 29 May

    • Ballarat:
      • 5 Jun Face to face;
    • Brisbane:
      • 31 May Face to face;
    • Canberra:
      • 2 Jun Face to face;
    • Melbourne:
      • 29 May Face to face;
    • North Sydney:
      • 30 May Face to face;
    • Strathfield:
      • 6 Jun Face to face;

    This workshop is designed to assist academic staff to work with the new generic and extended unit outline templates introduced in 2017. Staff will be given an overview of the drivers behind the new documents, explore their new features and be given a hands on opportunity to develop generic outlines.