White Ribbon Day 2008

On Tuesday 25 November there will be White Ribbon Day events occurring on all ACU National campuses. I encourage you to show your  support  by purchasing a white ribbon, and participating in activities at your workplace. Your local  White Ribbon Day champion will contact you in the near future to provide more details about what will be occurring on your  campus.


I became  an official White Ribbon Day Ambassador because I strongly support this campaign, and believe that sharing knowledge and showing our support can have an impact.  I also believe that White Ribbon Day is aligned with the University’s mission, as it identifies with the dignity of all human beings.


Please contact your Campus Contact for more information about the events that will be held at you campus:


North Sydney – Morning tea at 10.30am. The  Vice Chancellor will speak at the function.

Campus Contact is Kim O’Brien (2977)


Melbourne – Morning tea to be held on campus. Associate Professor John Ozolins to speak. Campus Contact is Wyn McLean (3306)


Ballarat – Morning tea to be held on campus. Campus Contact is Jo Rix (5402)


Canberra – Morning tea to be held on campus. Campus contact is Susan Love (1115)


Strathfield – Morning tea to be held on campus. Campus contact is Nicole Alsomgeest (4231)


Brisbane – Morning tea to be held on campus. Campus contact is Leisa Duncan (7108).


What is White Ribbon Day?


White Ribbon Day is the first campaign led by men to end violence against women in the world. Men are encouraged to take a stand and say violence, in any form is never acceptable. It is also an opportunity to share information about  the issue of violence against women, and to highlight the resources and support that are available in the community to assist those in need.


This is also an opportunity to draw your attention to  the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) offered by the University, which provides professional, confidential counselling services free of charge to  assist staff  with both work related and personal issues. More information about the EAP can be found at  http://my.acu.edu.au/17108.


Violence against women continues to be a serious social problem, in our homes and communities, affecting the lives of many Australians every year. In recent surveys conducted by the Australian Bureau of Statistics and the Institute of Criminology, between 40 and 57% of women interviewed reported that they had experienced at least one incident of physical or sexual violence since the age of 15. In  the past year, approximately 440,000 Australian women were the victims of violence.


For more information about White Ribbon Day go to http://www.whiteribbonday.org.au/.



Professor Greg Craven