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Australian Catholic University annual review 2008

Government reviews

The Vice-Chancellor made public comments on the Bradley Review when it appeared in December 2008.

He approved of the emphasis on wider, more equitable access to tertiary education and on an overall quality system, rather than an over concern with world rankings for a small number of universities, and agreed with the necessary hope for major increases in federal funding.

He did, however, foresee major consequent disadvantages from a suggested voucher system of funding for students, which is likely to affect smaller, regional and more vulnerable universities. 

Read the Vice-Chancellor's response to the Bradley Review.

The Cutler Review gave a compelling argument for extra funding of Australian universities since, as Federal Innovation, Industry, Science and Research Minister Kim Carr said, by international standards (of innovation) we have been slipping: if we dont improve we wont be able to maintain living standards.

Cutler recommends the distribution of more than $600 million in research block and research training funding on real research performance, as measured by the governments Excellence in Research for Australia audit.

Download full section on strategic directions (PDF, 85kb)