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Australian Catholic University annual review 2008

1999-2008 Strategic Plan

The Strategic Plan 19992008 had identified the following priorities among 24 goals:

  • enhancing the Mission-based focus of all the Universitys activities
  • implementing different mechanisms for University funding that relate meaningfully to and derive benefit from the Crossroads policy initiatives that have just been formulated
  • conducting ongoing structural reform
  • targeting internationalisation and international education more effectively
  • placing an increased emphasis on flexible learning
  • working to enhance and further integrate the culture of research within the University
  • increasing the range and depth of community engagements and collaborative partnerships
  • enhancing ACUcom activity
  • embedding quality more obviously across all the Universitys endeavours and working to communicate efficiently a sense of that to all staff and to all units
  • developing a culture of evidence across the University in support of its decision making.

Most of the main targets were achieved, substantially achieved or, in some instances, over-achieved (for example, growth in non-Government revenue).

As the 2008 AUQA review noted, however, reporting against all of the 24 indicators was not achieved, due to the absence of comprehensive data for a number of the indicators and in some instances the lack of specificity of the indicator.

The new Office of Planning and Strategic Management (OPSM) will be responsible for ensuring the analysis of data for measuring strategic objectives. 

The Faculty of Educations Teaching and Learning Plan (20062008)

This plan drew to a close in 2008, with an acknowledgment of substantial progress in each of the targeted outcomes:

  • students demonstrate progress towards the achievement of graduate attributes
  • academic programs reflect the Mission of the University
  • academic staff demonstrate quality teaching and learning.

Download full section on strategic directions (PDF, 85kb)