Upcoming professional development opportunities

Published: Monday 23rd January 2017

Listed below are a number of professional development programs which are offered by ACU or are available through external providers across the tertiary education sector.

Staff are encouraged to review learning opportunities and to liaise with their supervisor if they are interested in participating. You can register through the links provided. If you have any questions, please contact Capabilities and Development on learninggs@acu.edu.au

Study Support

The University supports staff learning and eligible staff can apply for Study Support for a nationally-recognised award course of study from a public or private provider (subject to eligibility criteria). For more information on Study Support visit the HR website.

Australian Catholic University

ACU offers a number professional development programs for staff, run by in-house trainers. There is no cost for attendance for these programs, and all interested continuing and fixed-term staff are encouraged to register.

Chemical Management@Chemwatch
Webinar: 25 JanThis course is delivered by an online learning mode and is ideal for anyone who needs a refresher or is new to Chemwatch.

LEO Basics
If you have never used LEO (Learning Environment Online) or need a refresher this session is for you, especially if you are new to teaching at ACU. LEO includes a number of new features as part of our January upgrade. If you would like to find out more about these new features and develop your confidence in LEO skills attend this workshop.

LEO Learning Materials
Ballarat: 8 February, Brisbane: 1 February, 15 February, Canberra: 9 February, Melbourne: 31 January, 14 February, North Sydney: 1 February, 14 February, Strathfield: 9 February
This workshop looks at a variety of ways to present your learning materials in your LEO units, including using the LEO text editor which is used across all activities and resources in LEO. It will help with layout, styling and accessibility of your units, use images and videos.

LEO Communication
Ballarat: 14 February, Brisbane: 1 February, 15 February, Canberra: 16 February, Melbourne: 1 February, 15 February, North Sydney: 1 February, 14 February, Strathfield: 15 February
This workshop provides an overview of LEO synchronous and asynchronous communication with students in your unit. Communication includes announcements, messaging, discussion forums and live classrooms.

LEO Assessments
Ballarat: 21 February, Brisbane: 9 February, 21 February, Canberra: 23 February, Melbourne: 8 February, 21 February, North Sydney: 8 February, 21 February, Strathfield: 20 February
LEO assessments come in many forms. The workshop will provide overview of the different ways that LEO can be used to assess student work. The workshop will focus on Turnitin and LEO Assignment and how to create, view and grade student assignments.

LEO Learning Activities
Ballarat: 8 February, 22 February, Brisbane: 8 February, 20 February, Canberra: 9 February, 23 February, Melbourne: 31 January, 9 February, 14 February, 23 February, North Sydney: 31 January, 10 February, 17 February, Strathfield: 9 February, 16 February

LEO Learning Activities includes designing tasks for students that are engaging and personalised. LEO contains many different activities that can be used in a variety of ways. This session will look at Quiz and Lesson, as well as give an introduction to other tools such as Database, Glossary and Media Assignment.

LEO and Copyright
8th Feb 2017 – 9th Mar 2017
Overview of the responsibilities teachers and academics have when using third party (ie anything not created by University staff) learning materials with students in LEO.

Introduction to Learning and Teaching (ILAT)
Ballarat: 22 February, Brisbane: 20 February, Canberra: 28 February, Melbourne: 23 February, 24 February, North Sydney: 17 February, Strathfield: 16 February
This participant-focused workshop introduces academics new to ACU, to learning and teaching at our University. We aim to engage you with the uniqueness of ACU and its position as a provider of quality education and supporter of the Catholic ethos. You will experience stimulating, creative ideas, and use tools and resources which will allow you to settle in quickly and perform your role to the best of your ability. The session will be facilitated face-to-face using available technology on each campus by Learning and Teaching Centre (LTC) academic staff. This interactive, information session will include discussions, group work and online activities. Your participation will be recorded on Staff Connect on completion of the workshops. It is anticipated staff will further pursue their professional development in the scholarship of learning and teaching.

Introduction to Programming with Python

Melbourne: 16 Feb
Learn how to code with Python

Career Planning for Professional Staff – Information Session
Video Conference: 16 Feb
This information session introduces enhanced resources and guidance to support professional staff in career planning.

Supporting Staff Career Planning – Information Session for Supervisors of Professional Staff
Video Conference: 16 Feb
This information session introduces supervisors to enhanced resources that have been developed to support professional staff and supervisors in career planning.

ACU Faculties offer the following opportunities for staff on a fee-paying basis:

Spanish and Italian now offered at ACU

ACU is excited to announce the launch of the Diploma in Languages. It will be offered collaboratively by the Faculty of Education and Arts and ACU International, with the language units taught through the ACU Language Centres.

Initially the languages available will be Italian and Spanish - driven by the development of ACU’s Rome Campus and by partnerships with prestigious Catholic universities in Latin America, such as The Pontifical Catholic University of Chile in Santiago – one of the highest ranking universities in Latin America. More information.

* Please note: ACU staff can attend language classes as audit students if you would like the benefit of classes without the additional pressure of assessments and exams. Short introductory classes for staff planning to teach at the Rome campus next year, or accompanying student groups to one of our partner universities in Chile are also available. We are planning to offer one of the languages in intensive mode in North Sydney’s July School.

Master of Business Administration (Executive)
Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne  - Six start dates in 2017
The MBA (Executive) is designed for experienced managers and professionals who aspire to executive roles - critical and creative thinkers for whom ethical, informed and sustainable decision-making will define their management style.  The course is designed to allow each unit to be taught intensively over the course of 24 weekends.  Invest in your future and enhance your skills to progress your career. The Faculty of Law and Business is pleased to announce that all staff are eligible for a 10% discount.  This discount is in addition to all benefits received through ACU.  Learn more about our staff discount here.

Graduate Certificate in Catholic Studies
Available: Melbourne (multi-mode) and online in February 2017
The Graduate Certificate in Catholic Studies (GCCS) was developed for graduate teachers who need accreditation to teach religious education in Catholic schools. For ACU staff, this course is also suitable for those who want to learn more about the Catholic tradition that underpins our organisation.

The Graduate Certificate in Catholic Studies can be used to articulate into the Master of Professional Studies in Theology.

Master of Professional Studies in Theology
Available: Nationally across all ACU campuses (multi-mode) and online in February 2017

The new Master of Professional Studies in Theology (MPST) is ideal for professionals working in Catholic organisations who are looking to develop and enhance their leadership capacity. For ACU staff, the MPST will allow you to build upon existing qualifications and professional experience to understand and promote the mission, identity and ethos of the Catholic Church.  The course has been designed to develop a deeper level of engagement with the discipline of theology. It provides a rich variety of international study tour opportunities, an ability to specialise in particular discipline areas, as well as a capstone research component.

External professional development opportunities

The following programs are run by external providers across the tertiary sector.

Association for Tertiary Education Management (ATEM)

Networking Forum for Executive Officers and Assistants
10 February 2017 - Sydney, NSW

This networking event will provide a unique opportunity for its participants to identify and discuss issues which are important to them and to their University.

*ATEM has a number Priority Place Programs for a selection of on-demand events, to improve the flexibility and accessibility of courses. These events will run once a minimum number of attendees have registered. Please browse the ATEM program listings for more information.

ACU holds a corporate membership with ATEM which allows staff to attend programs at a reduced rate. When registering, indicate that you work for ACU and you will be entitled to the Affiliate rate.

Online training library

Provided by Lynda.com

ACU staff have free unlimited access to a vast online library of training videos at http://lynda.acu.edu.au. You can watch individual videos from Lynda without completing a whole course. To browse the library, log in using your ACU staff username and password. Interactive exercise sheets are also available to some topics so you can practise your new skills.

Efficient Time Management
Capability Development Framework Mapping: ‘Know ACU Work Processes and Systems’ – Level 1

Did you know that if you save just one hour per week, you could gain a whole week of uninterrupted time each year? That's the power of time management.

Building High-Performance Teams
Capability Development Framework Mapping: ‘Communicate with Impact’ – Level 2

High-performing teams are critical to maintaining an organization's competitive advantage. These teams consistently show high levels of collaboration and innovation, and outperform their peers. In this course, author and leadership-training expert Mike Figliuolo shows you how to create and lead the teams that get more done for their organizations.

Body Language for Leaders
Capability Development Framework Mapping: ‘Be Responsible and Accountable for Achieving Excellence’ – Level 2/3

Research shows that when your verbal and nonverbal signals are out of alignment, people are forced to choose between what they hear and what they see.